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Filling Instructions for Alpine School District Station

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  • Filling Instructions for Alpine School District Station

    These instructions were compiled for the instructions on the pumps, and from information received directly from engineers of the pump manufacturer, and are only useful for filling at this station. These may or may not apply at any other CNG station.

    Pre-requisite: You must have a Utah State Official Fuel & Service Card (GasCard)
    (See John Mitton's sticky on how to acquire on of these.)

    Step 1: Select a Pump and Connect the Nozzle
    Pull up to an open pump (5 or 6) and TURN OFF YOUR CAR. Remove the refueling nozzle from the holder and connect it to your vehicle's receptacle. DO NOT LIFT THE PUMP HANDLE YET!

    Step 2: Authorize Your Card.
    Go to the little white booth. Inside is the state fueling card reader. You will need your state GasCard, PIN, current mileage and pump number you are connected to. Scan your card and follow the prompts.

    UPDATE: If the card reader ever prompts you with "PUMP HANDLE NUMBER", there is a unknown problem with that pump that you will not be able to get around. Please call the number on the card reader to report it and try the other pump.

    Step 3: Open the Nozzle Valve
    Contrary to the procedures used for other pump types, these pumps need to have the valve open before you lift the handle. This is not specified in the instructions at the pump, but I personally called and talked to a Sulzer (now GreenField) Engineer specifically about this sequence. You WILL NOT break the pump by following these steps. Want to verify yourself? Call GreenField Compression

    Step 4: Lift the Pump Handle Up
    The pump totals zero and refueling begins. Observe the progress of the refueling on the "% of Fill" LCD. You know the pump is complete when the "% of Fill" starts flashing, regardless of whether it has reached 100% or not.

    Step 5: Close the Nozzle Valve
    You won't be able to remove the nozzle from your vehicle until the valve is closed.

    Step 6: Disconnect the Nozzle from Your Vehicle
    Push in at the back of the nozzle while you pull back on the release ring to disconnect the nozzle.

    Step 7: Lower the Pump Handle and Return the Nozzle
    Turn the pump handle down and return the refueling nozzle to the holder.

    Step 8: Pray that the next guy knows how to follow instructions ;-)

    Additional Notes:
    As of this writing, both pumps 5 and 6 were operational.

    As has been stated here before, if you lift the pump handle before you authorize your card, it will not authorize. If you keep doing that, it will shut the pumps down requiring Questar to come and reset the system.

    These pumps use a staged pressure sequencing system and do not work the same as most other pumps. When you lift the pump handle the stage sequencing begins. If the nozzle valve is not open, the pump will sense that the pressure is equalized, assume filling is complete and stop the sequencing. You will not be able to fill until you start all over.

    I compiled these instructions because I, like many of you, want to use these pumps properly to maintain access and usability to this well-working station. I have been criticized on these forums before for suggesting you should open the valve before lifting the handle. Why? because “someone heard” that this is why the Spingville pumps are breaking (which very well could be the case) and therefore it will break these pumps too. But these are completely different pumps and compressors, made by a different manufacturer. So I decided to get a straight answer from the source, and I figure others would like to know the facts, not hearsay. Feel free to disagree with me, but this is how I will be filling at this station.

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    Re: Filling Instructions for Alpine School District Station

    Thanks for the post Mac. The Alpine School District pumps are my new favorite and I hope people will continue to use them properly.

    Will you please print this out and hang it at the pumps to help people who don't visit have a better understanding of the system?


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      Re: Filling Instructions for Alpine School District Station

      Thanks, great info for everyone to have.

      Personally, I have always turned the nozzle valve on before lifting the pump handle on every pump I have used since I bought my car in May. It's the only way to see how much pressure you have before you fill. I never realized that people were doing it the other way.

      A suggestion that may help the "CNG pump challenged" (that's the PC term) - don't connect the nozzle before swiping the card. I don't really see a purpose to that step. I've always viewed it as the driver saying "DIBS!" on a particular pump. However, there really is no better dibs on a pump than swiping the card and choosing the pump.

      If the problem is that people are lifting the nozzle before swiping their card, it seems to make sense to make the first step swiping and then connecting the nozzle. Maybe I've just been in management too long. Just a thought.


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        Re: Filling Instructions for Alpine School District Station

        My last attempt to fill at the ASD was very frustrating.

        I followed the "rules" explicitly and in the booth after entering all the regular info, I got a "PUMP HANDLE NUMBER?" prompt. I had already entered the pin #, pump number, the odometer reading. I have never had this one before. I entered the pump muber again, and received "INCORRECT (or IMPROPER) ENTRY". Then the "PUMP HANDLE NUMBER" popped again so I entered the pump number again and got the same response. It was a cyclical fight with an inanimate computer.

        Any idea what I did/didn't do that would set that into the process?

        The only other thing different, BTW, was there was a truck was filling on the opposite side already when I pulled up. Usually I am there alone, or I am filling first when another car pulls up.

        Curious and anxious for response--I don't want to mess up this location for anyone else. TIA


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          Re: Filling Instructions for Alpine School District Station

          what brand of dispenser is this. it sounds like a angi dispenser with staged fill if so it will need to have the valve open before starting the pump,because it will read the pressure in the hose and think it's full.


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            Re: Filling Instructions for Alpine School District Station

            Its a Sulzer (now owned by GreenField) dispenser.


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              Re: Filling Instructions for Alpine School District Station


              I have personally seen this before, but I don't know why it happens. It a problem with the pump that most likely existed before you came to fill, and nothing to do with how you followed the instructions. When you see that prompt ("PUMP HANDLE NUMBER?") know that pump will not be able to be used and please call the number on the card-reader to inform them. When I saw it last and called the number I was told they would need to send a technician to take care of it. I believe this problem is pump specific, so if you get the prompt when trying to use one pump, try the other pump after you have called to report it.



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                Re: Filling Instructions for Alpine School District Station

                Thanks, Mac. I'll do that.

                I went by a couple days later and all was well. I am relieved that I didn't ruin the fun for other No-UT-County CNG friends.