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  • Thieving Dogs

    FYI Copper Hills Kicks 66 W.Jordan Some low life's or one has driven off with out paying for there CNG many times now that's cheap and low. Pre pay only now at KICKS

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    Re: Thieving Dogs

    Kinda of an industry thing, I haven't been to any gas station that WASN'T pay first in years.

    Of course, at the same time, I haven't used anything but pay-at-the-pump in so long, it really doesn't matter to me.
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      Re: Thieving Dogs

      It's a UT thing, we've really only been pre-pay for the last few years at most of the gas pumps. It's just as prices got higher they started doing it. Just a "we're in Utah so I can trust you" thing I guess. (I remember living out of state for awhile and forgetting that I didn't have to pre-pay and really freaking out the clerk when I walked in to do so.) It really is sad that someone is sooo cheap they would drive off w/o paying for their .875/GGE purchase. My hope is that they just forgot or something.

      I've seen these signs to pre-pay there for a couple weeks now and still haven't had an employee actually enforce it on me. Of course the issue would be resolved if the card reader at the pump were fixed. This thing has been down for almost a year now. Who is responsible for fixing it?


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        Re: Thieving Dogs

        I never had a problem until Tuesday night,it was week or since I fueled there. But really .875 a gallon to stiff the station. When I went in to pay for it they told me it had happened several times. The card reader good question?


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          Re: Thieving Dogs

          The same thing happened at Flying J in Springville. I hope it was just that people are so used to paying at the pump that they forget to go in and pay afterwards. Seriously, how cheap do you have to be to steal $5 or $10 worth of CNG?


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            Re: Thieving Dogs

            Yeah, isn't that lame. I am guilty of not paying as I was used to the pay at the pump, but I returned and paid before then even realized I left (I think).
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