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Thank Heavens for Questar and CNG!

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  • Thank Heavens for Questar and CNG!

    I have read some posts of people complaining about needing a home fueling station because of lack of pressure and that simply has not been my experience.
    I own two natural gas work vans. I drive mine throughout the Northern part of the state between 100-200 miles per day and have been doing this for the last 6-8 months. I have used every station except Brigham City.
    I rarely have a problem getting close to a full tank because I simply choose not to use the questionable stations if I can help it. The questionable stations for me are Orem and Murray.
    The MVP pumps that I use most often are Sandy, Questar downtown, Lindon school district (last two weeks) and Park City.
    Switching to natural gas has saved me so much money with the amount of travel I do in my business. Natural gas is not as convenient as regular gas but once you get the system down it works great.
    The system that works great for me is to avoid fueling between 8:30 - 9:30 AM and 4:30 -5:30 PM. Weekends are always good at most stations.
    The money savings is obviously the biggest advantage but for me it has deeper meaning.
    1) My small contribuition to help reduce our dependence on a foreign fuel supply.
    2) Enviromental
    3) HOV lane
    It is sad to see that our greed/capitalism has pused NGV vehicle prices to where they are now. I don't understand how someone can finacially justify purchasing a NGV vehicle unless they cover a lot of miles. The greatest concern to me is that our prices for natural gas will be near the rest of the country in the not so far distant future. It sure appears to be abnormally priced in relations to every other states in the nation and history proves that situations like these do not last long.
    But I am happy to enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts!
    Thank you Questar and the private pumps that have chosen to pump natural gas!

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    Re: Thank Heavens for Questar and CNG!

    I find it fascinating that you 'put down' the people who sell these cars for what the market has priced them at, and at the same time you worry that the 'controlled' price of the fuel will go up. What do you think caused the price of the cars to go up? It was the 'controlled price' of CNG in Utah and Oklahoma compared to the high price of gasoline. As gasoline goes down, and if the price of CNG in UT and OK goes up to meet the rest of the country, the price of the vehicles will drift downward.

    In N. Cal. retail CNG is mostly from a regulated utility and the price changes every month. The price has come down substantially in the last 2 months.
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      Re: Thank Heavens for Questar and CNG!

      I agree in 2005 I was buying CNG cavaliers for $3500, then in 2007 it worked it's way all the way up to $5500 and now with the demand out of Utah and other dealers and public buyers alike, jumping on the band wagon several cavaliers sold yesterday for $11k plus. This is not a dealer selling one, this is a public buyer buying (for whatever purposes) from a public auction.

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