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Reliable Richfield - the road less traveled

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  • Reliable Richfield - the road less traveled

    As I was heading up I-15 yesterday as usual Cedar City pressure was way down -- only 1900 psi. Since Fillmore often has similarly low pressure I decided to detour via Richfield to check out this station. My GPS indicated that it would be an additional 30 minutes home inserting this via point. It makes sense as on the map I-70 to UT-28 essentially parallels I-15.

    Pressure was 3100 psi. I spoke with a local resident filling her Cavalier who indicated she almost always finds the pump over 3000 psi with seldom any downtime. My friend at Questar indicated that this station has good compression capacity with ample storage (see photo).

    Edited to add: Fillmore can only compress 15 gallons per hour while Richfield compresses 100!

    Next time you are heading up or down I-15 give "Reliable Richfield" a try. The 40 mile stretch on I-70 takes you through a stunningly beautiful red rock mountain pass, and UT-28 is for the most part a solid 65 MPH run. St. George is only 167 miles from here (159 miles if from Fillmore). If more of us would take this half hour detour it would reduce demand on overburdened Fillmore and Cedar City.

    Chevron Station
    1375 N. Main
    I-70 @ Exit 40
    6 am to 10 pm -- sometimes closes early, call in advance!
    (435) 896-8352
    Cash & major credit cards
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    Re: Richfield - the road less traveled

    Originally posted by badaceds650 View Post
    Went down south last Sunday and used cedar city once, Fillmore twice, Springville twice. And they all were at a minimum of 3000 psi must of been lucky.

    On a side note I'd rather have brain surgery with a rusty knife then use Springville pumps again. There prepay policy sucks because you have to wait in line twice behind truckers that haven't had human contact forever so they have to talk to the casher like it's there long lost friend.
    not only that, but they are very slow to help you. two of the four pumps are down for the long haul I think which has a silver linning. Less cars can fuel at the same time, alowing the compressers to somewhat keep up.


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      Re: Reliable Richfield - the road less traveled

      Tried Richfield on my way home from St G this weekend. Sure it added some travel time going out there, but miles wise it's only 30 extra miles. It was well worth it for not having to worry if I was going to make it home.

      On the way down I got almost no fuel from the Fillmore station. It's a long drive from the Jordan School District to Cedar City. The extra miles and time are well worth it to avoid the stress. Besides, one stop in Richfield is much better than the two in Fillmore and Cedar. You've converted me John!

      Just keep in mind you'll want cash because they are pulling the same crap Fillmore does by charging an extra 5 cents a GGE for credit card purchases. That's almost a 6% surcharge to cover the 2% the credit card companies are taking.


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        Re: Reliable Richfield - the road less traveled

        So if I understand you correctly, if you don't want to pay $0.91 / GGE, bring cash? ;-)


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          Re: Reliable Richfield - the road less traveled

          Or a debit card. . .


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            Re: Reliable Richfield - the road less traveled

            I asked about debit and they told me they still charge the fee.


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              Re: Reliable Richfield - the road less traveled

              That's weird, I was in there less than a week ago and the cashier said no extra fee for debit. Maybe it depends on who is working at the time.


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                Re: Reliable Richfield - the road less traveled

                With the current low-low Utah prices and the vendors extra work and time spent dealing with CNG (customers and keeping the pumps working); I don’t mind contributing to the venders’ bottom line. I am not sure what their margin is per gallon but I imagine the little Questar pays them can be eaten up pretty quick by two items: 1- the occasional fill-err-up and drive off, the vendor pays for this and, 2- the merchant fee charged by the credit card company.

                I have heard from one vendor they make about 4 to 5 cents per gge. The credit card companies charge the merchant 2 to 6% of the gross sales to process the charge. So, .86 X 5% = 3.44 cents merchant fee. If he makes $0.05/gallon and is charged $0.0344 processing fee he only makes 1.5 cents/gallon. Not much margin to cover his overhead.

                (I am sure the filling station is frustrated just like us with the low pressure and hearing users complain. Questar is having growing pains and, (with while I am without actual knowledge, is working to resolve this problem.)

                Bottom line- I don’t like the 5 cents extra but, if paying the vendor 5 whole pennies so he can vend this cheap alternative to regular gas, I will pay and not complain. In fact I will remain happy not paying $3.00/gallon


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                  Re: Reliable Richfield - the road less traveled

                  Good comment Craig.

                  That is why I buy an occational drink or snack.
                  Mountain Green, Utah
                  2003 CNG Cavalier
                  2003 CNG Silverado 2500HD


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                    Re: Reliable Richfield - the road less traveled

                    That is a really good point Craig. When it comes down to it 5 cents really is a silly thing to complain about. I guess I'm just a cheap skate at heart.

                    I am very grateful for the stations we have and for everything the stations owners do for us. Hope we can get more ...