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Hitting the Emergency Stop Button

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  • Hitting the Emergency Stop Button

    Probably the most frustrating thing about filling up in Utah, is the uneducated CNG "fillers" out there. Most of Questar's refueling stations have several ways of stopping the pump when you are filling up. For reference they are as follows:

    The "Fill/Vent" Valve
    This valve is located on the filling nozzle that connects to your vehicle. By turning the valve to "fill" you equalize the pressure in the line with the pressure in your tank. You can turn this valve to "vent" at anytime during your fill and it will stop the filling process and vent the gas in the line so you can remove the nozzle. This makes it possible to fill multiple vehicles without resetting the pump.

    The "On/Off" Valve
    The valve is located on the dispenser. As with the Brigham station, this valve is actually on "start" and "stop" button. This is the valve that you use to stop the pump after you fill.

    Manual Shut Off Valve
    This valve is usually located near the bottom of the dispenser. Some dispensers do not have a manual shut off valve. There is no reason for using this valve. If you need to shut off the pump use the "on/off" valve. This valve is for shutting the pump down for maintainance.

    Emergency Shut Off Valve
    The valve is now located on a separate stand next to the dispenser. Only use this valve if the "on/off" valve does not work. If you do hit the emergency shut off valve, please call the number located on the dispenser and let Questar know that you hit the emergency shut off valve. Once this valve is hit, the dispenser is not operational until Questar comes and resets the system.

    Hopefully by knowing this we all can use the Questar stations a little more efficiently. If I have missed something in explaining these valves, please chime in and let me know. Don't hit the emergency shut off button, unless it truly is an emergency.
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