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Utah CLean Cities-Non EPA Conversions?

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  • Utah CLean Cities-Non EPA Conversions?

    Apparently Utah Clean Cities doesn't dicriminate against non-EPA Conversions?
    Jim Younkin

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    Re: Utah CLean Cities-Non EPA Conversions?

    Apparently you didn't read the document and it's included attachments:

    “Conversion” System Availability
    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rules concerning the manufacture, sale and installation of alternative fuel engine conversion systems. In California, similar and even more stringent emission rules and guidelines have been established by the state’s Air Resources Board (CARB). As allowed under federal law, some states have adopted or have announced they will adopt the CARB guidelines. These include: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon,
    Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington These rules apply to both natural gas- and propanepowered engine retrofit systems, and will presumably apply to ethanol and/or hydrogen retrofit systems if/when they are ever approved. Only EPA and/or CARB-certified conversion systems are permitted to be installed on vehicles manufactured since 1994 (when EPA first addressed the issue of conversion systems). [Per EPA directive concerning conversion of vehicles manufactured prior to 1994, the owner/installer should not do anything that they believe – using reasonable judgment – would diminish the vehicles emissions performance – See EPA’s web site for further clarification on this issue]. While a variety of non-certified systems are sold on the Internet and/or
    offered by some automotive shops, EPA has taken the position that installation of these systems is “tampering with a federally approved emission control system,” a federal violation punishable by a substantial financial penalty (more than $5000/day). Many of these non-certified systems are allowed in other countries that have less strict vehicle emissions and safety laws.

    Stick with your site and leave the BS off of mine.


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      Robin has been notified that promoting non-conforming conversion systems is inconsistent with UCC's mission. I suspect we will see the reference removed soon.