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  • MPGGE. lets talk numbers...

    I have been thinking if I get about 25 MPG in my Caravan to 1 GGE of CNG @$0.85 then its like getting 119 MPG off of Gasoline. let me show you my math and tell me if I am wrong;

    1 gallon of gas is $4.05 in Springville UT at the Flying J, 1 GGE of CNG is $0.85. $0.85 goes into $4.05, 4.76 times. So 4.76 X 25 MPG is 119 MPGGE.

    now doing the same equation at what we where paying $0.63 is 160 MPGGE. So as of July 1st my MPGGE equivalent has gone down 41 MPGGE. Most people would complain if they lost 10 MPG.

    MPGGE = Miles Per Gas Gallon Equivalent

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    Re: MPGGE. lets talk numbers...

    I love New Math!
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      Re: MPGGE. lets talk numbers...

      The least confusing standard to compare is MP$ (miles per $) but unfortunately it fluctuates with prices so is less useful over larger time ranges.

      It's sure a fun calc to compare my 31.3 MPGGE Civic GX to others with though!


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        Re: MPGGE. lets talk numbers...

        There is ANOTHER math calculation that truly discloses how much gasoline vehicles are FLEECING the American consumer . . . . it's Cost Per Mile.

        Take your cost per gallon (ie gge for cng), and divide it by your average mpg, and result is Cost Per Mile. With previous Utah price of $0.64/gge a bi-fuel Cavalier getting 30 mpg is only costing 2.1 cents per mile on cng!!! With the recent 7/1/08 price jump to $0.85/gge in Utah, the 30 mpg Cavalier is only costing 2.8 cents per mile!!!

        Compare to say hybrid Toyota Prius getting 60 mpg on $4.00/gal premium gasoline, then Prius has HORRIBLE Cost Per Mile of 6.67 cents!!!! That is 4.57 cents MORE per mile with the Prius than the Cavalier. Factor in that Cavalier is gobs less to purchase in the first place, then Prius looks like a massive gas hog compared to the Cavalier!!

        As for me, I'm loving my $.91 ger gge in OK and 30 mpg with 2003 Cavalier which works out to 3 cents per mile!! I agree with Murphy in AZ, piss on hybrids!!