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Help-Tips for Traveling to UT from CA with CNG car

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  • Help-Tips for Traveling to UT from CA with CNG car

    Im a newbie to this forum and it has done wonders to give me the courage to do something ive been wanting to do for a years- drive clean- I will be traveling to pick up my first CNG car in SoCal in two weeks- I know about the fueling station map but I am a little intimidated by the process- Question: What are the best stations to use driving back to UT (especially as I get out into the desert, vegas, and southern Utah etc. I have been told the only way to make this work millage wise is to get a PEandG card (for the vegas area?) What is this- how do I get it? and please any and all tips are greatly appreciated (I have no idea what Im doing- Thanks!
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    Re: Help-Tips for Traveling to UT from CA with CNG car

    There are a number of threads in the Road Trips forum.

    You must have the Haycock Petroleum card for Vegas (see the "sticky" thread in the Nevada forum).

    Have a nice trip!


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      Re: Help-Tips for Traveling to UT from CA with CNG car

      I made the trip last week in my 2008 GX and the threads that John has above were great resources for me.

      From my experience, I would make sure you stop at either of the Victorville stations. Both have 3600 PSI pumps, make sure you pull up to the right one, it says which is which on the side of the pump. The station on D Street is hard to find (behind some sheds at the bus stop) but the screen is easier to see the "training video" that you have to watch. (And the 2 digit code comes AFTER all the credits, this took me a few tries to figure out.) From there, I'd just keep your speed in check and you should be fine all the way to Vegas. I stopped in Barstow to top off but it was a waste of time. Their 3600 psi pump only puts out 3000 psi so I got nothing there. I made it from Victorville to Vegas on a little more that 4 1/2 gallons going 65 MPH the whole way. Gotta love a fuel efficient Honda.

      In Vegas I think it's worth the extra trip off of I-15 to the station on Ronemus. It's easy to find and you can get a full 3600 psi fill up. Also there is an In-N-Out on the next exit back towards I-15 and who doesn't enjoy a good burger? But heed the advice to get the paperwork moving for your Haycock Petroleum card. I was able to help a guy who had them over-night his card to him but they got it off late and he was left high and dry with no card. (And they will make you pay for the shipping costs.) I've attached their credit application form. Once you fill out the highlighted sections you can fax it to 702-382-3143. Then give them a call at 702-382-8559 to arrange to have it the card shipped. Do this ASAP! It's ridiculous the amount of personal info they want but they give a small line of credit to the card so you can't get around it. I know, I tried.

      When you're done with the slots in Sin City stop in either St George or Cedar to top off for good measure. You'll be good until Fillmore but this is where you need to be careful again. Fillmore is now charging a 5 cent per gallon fee for using credit so make sure you've got some cash on hand. I filled up in St George (only about 2700 psi due to a bus that filled up before me) and it cost me $2.92 to fill up in Fillmore. Gotta love it! I was there on June 1st and regular unleaded was $4.15!!!

      That fill will be enough to get you home for sure. I mapped out how to get to each station with Google Maps using the addresses on and the directions were perfect. Didn't get lost once.

      Congrats on your new purchase! You're gonna love it!!!
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        Re: Help-Tips for Traveling to UT from CA with CNG car

        Beej's post prompted a few other things that came to mind...

        : I always have gotten fabulous fills there (albeit expensive!), maybe it is because I have only been there on weekends when the city has no vehicles hitting the compressor. Be sure to use the 3600psi side. It is also interesting to see the LNG system there... talk about an enormous filling connector! Their training video system is buggy, so remember that one CNGchatter said the PIN code "13" always works there, even if you have never watched the video before... oh and the bathroom code supposedly is 12345

        Vegas / Ronemus: I like to just head East out of there on Cheyenne all the way to I-15. It is more direct if you are heading to Utah vs. getting back on the 95. There is also a cheap car wash joint right there on Cheyenne to scrape off the bugs. But then again you would miss out on the In-N-Out burger doing this route

        St. George now has a 24hr card reader system. Now if we could only get one in Fillmore the whole trip would be completely doable at all hours, even with an older GX (these have a smaller tank and range... when Fillmore is closed you have to stay overnight there or risk not making it to Springville).


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          Re: Help-Tips for Traveling to UT from CA with CNG car

          From monitoring this forum I can say that it is essential to fill in Barstow, I have heard that Victorville is not always reliable, not sure which one that is of the 2, as I have not filled there. Curtis got great fills there on our way to and from Las Vegas. The other bonus is a nice restroom, and the code is correct!
          Also in Utah I think it wise not to skip any stations either, you never know when one is low or down. That's pretty much a good rule going anywhere in a NGV!
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