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  • Stations on I-70

    I really love driving I-70 in Utah on my way to Chicago and from what I can tell there are no stations on I-70 after Richfield, it appears that you can take a detour to Price then go back down to I-70 but you'd never make it to Denver. So my question is, does anyone know of any plans to create stations along I-70?

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    Re: Stations on I-70

    Would be nice. I don't know of any plans to put any in. We take I-80 north into CO to get CNG.
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      Re: Stations on I-70

      I would imagine Moab would be a likely place for someone to set up a station, given all of the Wasatch Front folks who go down there... but this would be out of the way from I-70, and without Grand Junction and Vail you would still not make Denver.


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        Re: Stations on I-70

        Yeah that's true, I hope this happens in the next few years because I've driven in most of the states and taking I-70 from Utah to Colorado is really something special.