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Servicing Ford Contour

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  • Servicing Ford Contour

    My Contour is working great but I wanted to be prepared for the future.

    Any suggestions for servicing my CNG Contour in SLC?

    I have heard Champion Ford still services them but that they are expensive.

    I have heard SnowMotion does as well but that they are very busy.

    Just looking for any other suggestions or experience.

    One thing I have thought about. I swear every now and then I can get the faint wiff of Natural Gas when I am sitting in my car. Am I crazy? Should I get it checked or is it possibly just a residual of filling up at the station?


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    Re: Servicing Ford Contour

    I've had two Contours and have been able to smell faint natural gas inside both of them from time to time after they'd sat all night. We've moved from UT to WA and I currently only fill with CNG every once in a while when I make a run to the coast. (Until we buy a place and put in a FMQ. BTW - I hate Clean Energy) I try to keep some in the tank and run CNG every few days to keep the Compuvalve seals and other parts from having maintenance issues. I've noticed that I don't smell natural gas as often now that I have the switch on "Gas" most of the time. Not sure where the slight leak might be.

    The smell doesn't concern me - but it might if you were a smoker.