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Gas 'n dash in Springville, now only PrePay

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  • Gas 'n dash in Springville, now only PrePay

    Just wanted to thank those who have been doing the gas n dash in Springville. Now the only way to buy CNG is by prepaying inside. So now stead of just waiting in line behind five truckers order hot wings at the counter one time, we all get to wait in that line twice.

    The amazing things is the later at the counter said they get more drive-offs at the CNG pumps than any other pumps....go figure!

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    Re: Gas 'n dash in Springville, now only PrePay

    You mean the, honest world saving people of cng are crooks as well. Damn, now I don't want one. I thought something was up when everyone started talking about being on the EPA side of things.
    Then the none EPA kit installers where ripping people off as well, making fortunes on a bad situation. Lets face it. No one in this industry is honest either. Make it expensive, and they'll pay because the have no other choice. No difference here from the big oil companies. At least the EPA kits have a reason to charge more, meeting certifications anyway.
    But, what a fool. The people dashing on CNG what you didn't have the $6 to fill your car. It is still going to take a long time to recoup your 8-10k for conversion at that rate. Findem and hangem. I mean take their cng tanks away. Make them go back to gas.


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      Re: Gas 'n dash in Springville, now only PrePay

      Yeah, it sucks having to pre-pay. I must admit though, I did leave without paying for my CNG once when I got my first car, but only because I forgot as I was used to it being on a credit card. The difference here is, I drove all the way back and paid, I felt like an idiot.

      So lame that this happens and people are willing to not pay, if you had a brain big enough to get a CNG car, couldn't you have seen this coming?? geeeez
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        Use the other dispenser out by the trucks

        One quick note on Springville. There are two dispensers. Everyone crowds around the island in front of the store but there is also one on the far right island where the trucks line up. You used to have to call into the store using the black phone handset on the next island over, but from what you are all saying here now we have to go inside to pay first. Bummer.


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          Re: Gas 'n dash in Springville, now only PrePay

          Hard to beleive but I am sure its true. Its folks like this that make it hard for those who support the effort to stay engaged. Scumbags