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Utah Tax Credit On Previously Converted Vehicle

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  • Utah Tax Credit On Previously Converted Vehicle

    I bought a Chev Tahoe converted to CNG by AZStar in Arizona back in 2000-2001. AZstar has since gone out of business.

    The system is an Ecofuel FMS system and I have found out that it was a certified kit under "option 3" but doesn't have an official EPA cert like modern ones do.

    I have two questions:

    Can I get my TC-40v signed off without an EPA cert
    What do I put down for conversion cost when AZStar is out of business?

    AFVtech said that he recalled that kit went for somewhere around $7000 but couldn't be sure. What value is placed on this?

    I believe AZ star did quite a few Chevy 5.3's and would not be suprised if many people in Utah have claimed the credit on this system, I just wanted to get my details straight.

    Thanks for your replies!

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    Re: Utah Tax Credit On Previously Converted Vehicle

    I have a 2000 escalade with the eco/fms system done by AFVtech and had no problem claiming the full $2500 tax credit. There is no way the conversion was less than $5000, so you'll be safe with that. Is your check engine light on when you run on CNG? Mine is and I had to pass emissions on regular gas, then get a signed letter by a certified mechanic that it ran properly on CNG, that's the only wierd thing I had to do. Good luck
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      Re: Utah Tax Credit On Previously Converted Vehicle


      Thanks for the info! Sounds like you have the same system I do. How long ago did you claim your credit?