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U of U Air Pollution Seminar May 22 - Everyone Invited!

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  • U of U Air Pollution Seminar May 22 - Everyone Invited!

    1:30-3:30 PM, Thursday May 22, 2008
    1250 Warnock Eng. Building

    Air Pollution in the Utah Valleys:
    Causes, Effects and Solutions
    Professor Delbert Eatough
    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, BYU
    John Veranth
    Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, UofU
    Robert Sawyer
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, UC, Berkeley

    The air quality in populated valleys in Utah ranks among the worst in the country. The financial and human costs of that pollution are enormous. This seminar is an exploration the causes, effects and solutions to this problem with a focus on recent scientific and engineering understanding. The goal is to inform university researchers, community health professionals, community activists and governmental representatives about the challenges and priorities of work to be done to improve the air quality in the State.

    The seminar will consist of four parts. The first is a presentation by Delbert Eatough. Professor Eatough will discuss the chemistry of anthropogenic pollution, particularly fine particles and aerosols. He will present result of his studies and others related to formation of the most toxic forms of pollution and provide some insight into ways that public health might be protected.

    The second presentation will be by John Veranth. Professor Veranth will discuss transport of fine particles in the atmosphere and biological responses to transition metals found in inorganic, air borne particles. Professor Veranth will then discuss options for reducing the toxicity of the more probelmatic compounds found in fine particles.

    The third presentation will be given by Robert Sawyer. Professor Sawyer will discuss solutions to air pollution that have been implemented in California and the relevance of those approaches to the local problems in Utah. Following the presentations, the three speakers will form a panel to discuss priority actions that might be taken to improve the quality of our air.