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List of CNG stations in Utah

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  • List of CNG stations in Utah

    I stopped by the CNG station at Bountiful, UT. When I went in to pay, the cashier gave me a new list of CNG station is Utah titled "Where to Get Natural Gas on the Road". It listed some stations I was not aware of, so I call one. I got a recording from Questar Gas. Does anyone know if these are public stations or for that matter actual stations? Some examples were:

    Ephraim Service Center - Questar Gas 320 S. 50 W. - Ephraim
    Candi's Apple Juice - 615 E. 400 N. - Santaquin


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    Re: List of CNG stations in Utah

    I have seen those stations pop up on alternative fuel search engines many times, but they always say that they are NOT open to the public. I'm quite certain that they are private stations, as they are NOT listed on the newest version of Questar's list of public stations in Utah and Wyoming This was most recently updated on 05/01/2008, and you'd think Questar wouldn't forget to include one of their own stations on the new list!! You can stop by and try one for us all, but make sure you've got enough fuel to get to a real station if they won't let you fill, cause you're probably gonna need it.


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      Re: List of CNG stations in Utah

      As this thread is specific to Utah I am going to move it to that forum.
      - JM