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2004 Chevy cavalier bi fuel.

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  • 2004 Chevy cavalier bi fuel.

    I have a 2004 Chevy cavalier with 150000 miles on it. I just got a new job and am looking to sell it. Is there anyone here who would be interested in it for the car or Cng parts?

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    I see you are in Utah. Try:



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      Unfortunately the bi-fuel Chevy Cavaliers are not worth much more than the gasoline only version these days. 2004 is going to have an expired tank and it would cost more to update the tank than the car is worth (estimate $1000 if in descent shape). I gave a 2002 bi-fuel Cavalier to my daughter over 8 years ago and recently she asked me to remove the CNG components since she was not using CNG and wanted the trunk space. I tried to sell some of the CNG components but did not get much on ebay (the CNG system was fully working when I removed the equipment). I remember the CNG regulator and ECM having a little value 10-15 years ago but not anymore and Chevy went away from the two ECM setup. Most of these vehicles now have expired tanks and people just run them on gasoline if still operable. Best of luck to you.