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Public access to Utah's state-owned stations

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    Re: Public access to Utah's state-owned stations

    I met up with Margaret and Jeff Done on Thursday in the Governor's office during the ceremonial signing of the various energy bills.

    This is the current plan:
    The University of Utah station will be open to the public on July 1st. It will only accept a special state-issued GASCARD (no Visa/MC). Those of us who already have GASCARDs (i.e. from Haycock Petroleum in Vegas) will not be able to use the station -- everyone will have to apply for the special card. The state will not be billing us, our invoices will come directly from GASCARD.

    The form we fill out to apply for the card will include our agreement to allow state vehicles to have priority in filling at the station(s). The GASCARD system allows her to also curtail usage by the public in restricting our access to certain hours, days, etc. The plan for the U station for now is to provide 24/7 access, but be forewarned that if our use of the station(s) starts interfering with state vehicles getting filled this may change.

    Station maintenance will continue to be handled by the state personnel, with backup services provided (as is the case now) by two outside servicing organizations.

    I am pushing to get all of the stations opened up to us, but for now she wants to get the U up and running before making any new commitments.

    Our Utah CNGchatters will be getting an e-mail from me over this weekend with some suggestions on letters we can write to Questar, the Public Services Commission, and the Governor regarding not only this implementation of HB103 for public access to the state alt fuel network, but also on getting our crumbling Questar infrastructure back on track to handle the exploding demand being placed on it.

    Stay tuned...


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      [COLOR=#111111][FONT=Arial][SIZE=12px]The Utah Transit Authority has opened a new compressed natural gas fueling facility for an expanding fleet of CNG buses


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        [COLOR=rgb(5.490196%, 5.490196%, 5.490196%)][FONT=ArialMT]The Utah Transit Authority has opened a new compressed natural gas fueling facility for an expanding fleet of CNG buses


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          (vBulletin continues . . ) [COLOR=rgb(5.490196%, 5.490196%, 5.490196%)]part of UTAs continuing effort to improve air quality along the Wasatch Front. UTA has 47 CNG buses at its Central Bus Division and says it plans to add dozens more CNG buses by the end of 2016. (No public access.) [/COLOR]
          [COLOR=rgb(10.980390%, 12.941180%, 13.725490%)] facility/?utm_source=Fleets+%26+Fuels+January+6%2C +2016&utm_campaign=fleetsfuelsnewsbrief&utm_medium =email [/COLOR]