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Brigham City Open House

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  • Brigham City Open House

    It was so great to go to the Brigham City open house today! I didn't expect so many people to be there! Thanks to John for handing out the stickers. Sean and I are so excited to have ours!
    Kudos to Questar! The pumps were doing very well with the huge demand that was placed on them today. Thanks to all who helped organize the open house. It was certainly a pleasure to be there.
    Logan, UT

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    Re: Brigham City Open House

    Hey cnggirl, it was great seeing you and so many CNGchatters today
    I will try to post some photos later this week.


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      Re: Brigham City Open House


      Thanks for the 63 cent bumper sticker. I kept up on your deal (you'll give me a sticker, if I pay for your gas when you fill up). Luckily for me, the pump had low pressure (due to the others filling up in front of you) and I only had to pay $0.66 for your fill up.

      It was a nice meeting. It made front page in the Standard Examiner ( The Box Elder News and Journal comes out tomorrow (local Brigham City paper). We'll see if it is in there.
      Mountain Green, Utah
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