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SLC Airport pumps - here is how to find them!

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  • SLC Airport pumps - here is how to find them!

    I dropped off a friend at the airport this morning and drove all over the place before I found the CNG pumps. Hopefully the following will help others who want to fill there:

    The pumps are located near FedEx and the post office on the SE area of the airport. You can get there two ways:

    1. As you enter the airport from I-80 look for the "Air Cargo (exit only)" lane. Follow it to the right. At the stop sign turn left and head north toward the terminals for 1/4 mile or so. The pumps are on the right.

    2. Go thru the passenger drop-off area, circle south back toward the freeway and then veer off to the right when you see the sign "Air Cargo." There is another quick veer right again to the perimeter road (be careful not go up the ramp into the Authorized Vehicles Only road!).

    From here you go left (south-east direction) past the airport employee parking lot until you get to a stop sign. Head left (north -- away from the golf course) about a half mile and you will see the pumps on the right, just before the airport police station. The public pumps are along the road while the airport vehicle pumps are behind the building.

    Also, unlike most Questar stations at 3300 psi, these pumps seem to be set for 3000 psi only (pressure limited by the pump its self).