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Springville station notes

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  • Springville station notes

    If you pull into Springville, you may have to ask them to activate the pump for you. Just push the call button near the pump and let them know the pump number.

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    There are actually two pumps

    The pump where all the cars line up for gasoline has a call button, whereas the one out where the trucks line up does not. I have found that the truck pump has better pressure (usually 3,800 psi!!), so if you go out there just pick up the phone on the diesel pump next to it to ask the front desk to activate it.

    In any event, Springville rocks!


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      Re: Springville station notes

      I thought they also always require prepay?


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        Re: Springville station notes

        They only started the pre-pay in the past few months. You used to be able to just pull in a ask them to turn on the pump.

        I guess a few people couldn't handle the $5 fill ups and drove off without paying, so they started the pre-pay.

        Actually, I figure people are so used to swiping their credit card, filling and driving off that they were honestly forgetting to pay.