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Don't try skipping St. George

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  • Don't try skipping St. George

    If you're making your way to California through Utah or the opposite direction, I would not recommend trying to skip St. George in an older Civic GX (98-99). We took 3 of these from Vegas to Cedar City and got a strong, 3600 psi fill in Vegas. We rolled into Cedar with the gas lights on in all 3 cars. I don't know that we could have gone even 10 more miles. If you're coming the other direction from Cedar to Vegas, good luck. Cedar runs around 3000-3300 psi, and you'll never make it, especially if you don't know how to get to the Vegas stations off the top of your head. Plan your trip well enough to make it to St. George before 8. You might be able to do it in a new Civic, but that remains untested.

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    Re: Don't try skipping St. George

    I've heard they are putting in a Credit Card reader at the St. George station. Soon the CNG pumps will be available 24 hr/day. Has anyone else heard the same?
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      Re: Don't try skipping St. George

      How is the station at the Las Vegas airport? It seems to me that is the one I would want to try to hit coming from Calfornia.



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        Re: Don't try skipping St. George

        The Vegas airport station is CLOSED!!

        Ignore the following info at your own peril


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          Re: Don't try skipping St. George

          Thanks, I did find that after I asked the question. I did a trial run some time back and it just seemed that the Ronemus station was way out of the way (and traffic was a nightmare). Is it really the best one to fill at? I was also aware of some payment issues and signed up for a GasCard because I could not find the Hacock information. I am sure glad I found this site.

          If I decide to try it I will be calling Hacock and getting two cards.


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            Re: Don't try skipping St. George

            This is getting off-topic but yes my experience is that the Vegas Ronemus 3600 psi station is really not much out of the way for those heading up and down I-15. But I have never gone there during peak traffic either.

            If 3000 psi is all you feel you are going to need to make it to...
            Northbound: St. George (or Cedar City if after hours)
            Southbound: Barstow (or Victorville since Barstow can be kind of iffy sometimes)

            ... then the Losee station can't be beat for convenience off of I-15.

            Also, I was just at the 3333 Losee station last week and it was under construction. So we had to head down Cheyenne the 6 miles or so to Ronemus anyway


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              Re: Don't try skipping St. George

              Thanks for the info. Sorry about the thread drift.