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I need to find a service station

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  • I need to find a service station

    I just sold a wonderful cng cavalier so that I could upgrade to a Chevy Tahoe for family activities. I recently purchased the vehicle from arizona, but it apparently hasn't been run on cng for a while. It runs O.K. on the freeway, but around town and idling, it dies on natural gas. This has been a little scary at busy intersections, so we run it on regular gas in town. I took it to Salt Lake City to get worked on, but it still has the same problem. I live in the St. George area, but no one around here knows anything about CNG vehicles. Any suggestions??? Also, I am somewhat mechanically inclined, if I need to replace a part such as a sensor, where can I order the parts from? And last but not least, my CNG tank is only a five gallon tank, I would like to install another tank down the exhaust pipe area where there is room for a skinny long tank, but where can I buy the pipe and tank and valves? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Re: I need to find a service station

    Since this is an after market conversion, I'd go back to person you bought it from and try and get who did the conversion (probably some Chevy dealer in Phoenix). I've heard there is a CNG conversion company just starting up in St. George, but I don't have any contact info.

    As far as needing a tank is concerned. Tanks are expensive, especially if you only want to buy one. You might want to look for a used tank on ebay or craigslist, but you need to be careful of those (you don't know their history). The company I work for is still a few months out from manufacturing tanks in Brigham City. Our first tank will be 13 GGE.
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      Re: I need to find a service station

      I might be wrong about this, so someone please correct me if I am, but I was told that the Texaco CNG station in St. George has a mechanic that works on CNG and does conversions. You might want to ask them.



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        Re: I need to find a service station

        Questar has a guy in Cedar City who actually trains people in CNG repair. Call Gordon or Jim at Questar to get his contact info.
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        I am going to move this over to the Utah forum for the folks to chime in there.


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          Re: I need to find a service station

          I believe this is the company you're referring to in St. George. I saw their ad on Craigslist a little while ago. I spoke with a mechanic in Arizona who installs these Technocarb systems as well and he says they're very good and have been around a long time.

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            Re: I need to find a service station

            Did you get ir repaired at SNO-Motion in SLC. I just purchased a f-150 from vegas utliity. I was filling up in Fillmore and found a leak. I need to get it fixed and the owner of SNO-Motion just happened to be waiting to fill up.