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Utah House Bill 103

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  • Utah House Bill 103

    Well, it is official, the governor signed HB103 into law on the 17th. The bill states that,
    "The division may allow a private individual or entity to purchase compressed natural gas from the state's fuel network if:
    (a) there is no commercial fuel site that meets the geographical compressed natural gas distribution needs of private individuals or entities; and
    (b) there is no emergency that, as determined by the division, warrants the holding of compressed natural gas in reserve for use by state or emergency vehicles."

    The only problem with this bill is that it leaves the "natural gas distribution needs of private individuals or entities" undefined. In fact, the bill states that " ...the division shall make rules: ...defining the term 'geographical compressed natural gas needs of a private individual or entity.'"

    I am excited for this bill to hopefully open up some government owned gas stations to us. I work near the University of Utah, and I am specifically interested in opening the University fill station to the public.

    Does anybody know how we can ensure that the "natural gas distribution needs of private individuals or entities" actually meets our needs? I would hate for them to determine that there were enough fuel stations already in the valley, and refuse to open some stations up to the public. Any ideas on who we can appeal to on this subject to ensure that our input gets considered?

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    Re: Utah House Bill 103

    Fred Hunsaker, sponsor of HB103 sent me the following reply on Feb 25th to my inquiry. Have not heard anything since...

    Dear John Mitton,

    The fuel dispensing operation in fleet management will be writing the administrative rules to implement this program. I have copied the Director, Margaret Chambers with a request to her to keep you informed as to the timing of its implementation.


    Rep. Fred R Hunsaker