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    Rogue Disposal and Recycling 2012 MAC tractor arrived Jan 2012


    CNG garbage truck will roll into downtown soon

    Rogue Valley CCC Nov 2011 Newsletter
    A natural gas-powered garbage truck will soon be picking up trash in downtown Medford. Rogue Disposal and Recycling ordered a 2012 MAC tractor with an ISL G Cummins Engine.

    The Mac truck will be shipped to the factory in Canada for the uplift of the 40-cubic yard, Wittke front-load body made by Labrie Environmental Group. It will have four, 15-gallon equivalent certified CNG tanks. The truck is expected to hit the downtown Medford streets in January. Wendell Smith of Rogue Disposal and Recycling will talk about the CNG vehicle during the alternative fuel forum at noon Tuesday November 29 at Rogue Valley Transportation District.

    The Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition event is open to the public. Rogue Disposal brought a demo CNG truck to the fleet conference sponsored by Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition last June

    The 2012 fleet conference is set for Jackson County Public Works Auditorium, 200 Antelope Road, White City, Oregon June 27 2012 from 10 am to 1 pm. Contact Mike Quilty, Clean Cities fleet manager, 541-621-4853


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      Re: OREGON fuel in Medford Roseburg Eugene Salem Tualatin Portland

      Hello Bill,
      I just found this site after having several call asking if SAMTD could fuel public vehicles. Unfortunately we are unable to do so because we have no way to bill, pay or pipe the CNG to a public access point. The lack of public fueling stations is much like the chicken and the egg scenario. There is little demand because there is little supply (public access). In the past I had been having discussions with CleanEnergies about partnering with SAMTD to provide public access but they have not deemed it profitable enough.
      I would be more than willing to listen to other ideas.

      Gregg Thompson


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        Re: OREGON fuel in Medford Roseburg Eugene Salem Tualatin Portland

        Hello Gregg and welcome to CNGchat!
        I grew up in Salem and have many fond memories of riding the "Cherriot" buses. Our family, lived next to one of may cherry orchards found in the city - hence the name of your transit agency

        If you could provide an estimate of what it would cost to trench outside the gate to provide a public card reader and dispenser I should imagine there could be grant funds made available from DOE Clean Cities or other organizations.


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          Re: OREGON fuel in Medford Roseburg Eugene Salem Tualatin Portland

          Another pair of Labrie refuse trucks fueled in Eugene Oregon 9 Mar 2015 enroute from San Luis Rios Colorado (Sonora, Mexico) to Coquitlam B.C. (Canada). Smithrite is taking delivery of 25 trucks in this group and has an option to buy 75 more with the order. Transport of the trucks began in Apr 2014 by moving the trucks on flatbed trailers to the Imperial County CNG station in El Centro before driving them north. Follow-on shipments were fueled at the Mexico LaBrie Maquiladora plant by CNG Logistics LLC with a mobile truck.

          Smithrite Disposal purchased 18 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueled service vehicles which were deployed in 2013. These vehicles were purchased with help from a Fortis BC program that offers incentives to fleet operators to convert to CNG fueled vehicles. Smithrite plans on transitioning the Company’s entire fleet to CNG in the future.

          Labrie Environmental Group is a leading North American supplier and the third largest Waste & Recycling Vehicle manufacturer in North America. Since May 2001, Labrie has been developing, producing and delivering CNG vehicles to the United States market, primarily to: California, Utah and Oklahoma. Labrie has made massive investments into the design, development and evolution of the Labrie Waste & Recycling Vehicle Line over the past ten years. Today, all three of Labrie’s product lines (Wittke, Leach and Labrie) are 100% CNG-ready and readily available to meet a wide variety of market needs. Claude Boivin, President of Labrie Environmental Groups states: “We started developing and manufacturing CNG vehicles and technology in 2001. “Labrie has over 100 CNG vehicles in operation throughout North America; in addition, the sheer proximity of having Labrie’s production plant, customer service and technology expertise located right here in Quebec makes it a tremendous asset in the Province of Quebec.”


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            CNG_Labrie18.JPG CNG_Labrie12.JPG

            Two more Labrie CNG refuse trucks are in-transit to a Portland Oregon customer this week. They are said to be coming from 1981 W Snell Rd Oshkosh WI (below).

            A slew of CNG stations are open as of last month which may mean no more mobile fueling is needed on the long southern route to get the trucks to the west coast. Photos show a pair fueling at Chico in Feb 2015 on their way to Smithrite Disposal in B.C. using the personal fueling card of a die-hard cngchat member who happened to be there.


            6185 North Broadway, Denver, CO

            706 Tia Juana St Colorado Springs, CO

            620 W 4th St Pueblo, CO

            806 E Goddard Ave Trinidad, CO

            12605 Central Ave NW Albuquerque, NM

            400 Transcon Ln Winslow, AZ

            1055 N Grand Canyon Blvd Williams, AZ

            14750 S Highway 95 Lake Havasu City, AZ

            100 N Sandstone Ct Barstow, CA

            Commercial drivers should make arrangements to pick up a PG&E fueling card during business hours for the Chico CA station at:

            202 Cousteau Place Suite 150 Davis CA