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NW Natural Gas Prices in Oregon

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  • NW Natural Gas Prices in Oregon

    As posted in another thread:

    Nat Gas prices have plummeted from their highs this past summer.

    Yet NW Natural in Oregon has raised their prices an average of 15% starting 11/1/2008.

    What is the reason for this increase?

    Their website says that "gas prices are higher then they were 1 year ago:

    .. Yet if you were to investigate the prices on the NYMEX for Jan 2009:

    close price was for $5.334 mmBtu, yet 1 year ago it was 7.18 mmBtu:

    Why are we being gouged?

    Obviously I am here and speaking about this since I have purchased a Civic GX and a Fuelmaker. I truly feel this is the right step for the environment and working to get us off of the dependency of foreign oil.. I just want to pay a fair market price..

    Thoughts, ideas??

    Have a good day!!


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    Re: NW Natural Gas Prices in Oregon

    The way the game is played in Oregon (and other states and locales I understand) is the gas company must apply for and get approval from the PUC for a rate change to start in November which holds for the coming year. Unfortunately, the data used to justify this at the time of application (prior to November) indicated significant rate increases, as touted by the media in concert with natural gas suppliers nationwidewide.
    Looks like your finding shows this may not have happened, at least to the degrees predicted. Sounds like a nice windfall for NW Natural...
    I've been into home fueling for 3 years and not going to back out now with two CNG cars. Kind of hard to swallow the pricing for the time being, but like we know on this forum, just wait........foreign oil / gasoline will be up again in the near future.
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