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Lakewood, WA Pump Directions

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  • Lakewood, WA Pump Directions

    In case anyone has as hard a time finding the Clean Energy pump in Lakewood, WA as I did, here are some directions.

    Leave South Tacoma Way and head west on 94th Street SW (there is a Clean Energy sign that I could see coming from the north). Continue until the road begins to take a natural right. At the turn, duck left into a short circular driveway and you'll find the pump hidden off the road.

    I originally headed down 94th, but the pump is located down a small road that looks like it's going nowhere (almost like an alley). I turned around before the pump and drove around the Pierce Transit bus yard until I found someone that pointed me back down 94th.

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    Re: Lakewood, WA Pump Directions

    The sign on the corner is posted both sides so one can catch it either direction, but it is not large and would be hard to see in the dark.
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      Re: Lakewood, WA Pump Directions

      Devin -

      Thanks for the instructions. I've added them to the CNGPrices web site so that others will be able to do it.

      For anyone else who knows something about hard to find stations, leave a comment in the station comments (click on the station, then on the comments tab, then add a new comment). We all want to make CNG as accessible as possible!

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