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Portland looks to turn more solids into biogas at Columbia plant

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    24 June 2019 Tour summary of Oak Lea Digester Aumsville Oregon:

    325 cows inseminated when in heat with semen in soda straws - milk ends up at WinCo stores
    40ft tall 10ft dia steel tanks hold fluid discarded by Sequential BioDiesel of Salem Oregon
    10ft deep concrete square pit holds manure - no odor due to "crust" on top
    Two digester tanks with circulation pumps that inject bottom fluid at 3 levels above
    30ft spherical bag supported by 1.5psi with inner "bladder" holds finished methane
    Flare pipe behind everything (in 2013 when system first installed, high wind blew "bladder" into flame and ignited methane all at once: poof!
    6 cyl engine drives generator putting power on lines:

    digester owner, Washington, D.C.-based Revolution Energy Solutions Alan Tank, founder