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26 CNG disposal trucks arrive in Portland

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  • 26 CNG disposal trucks arrive in Portland

    Garbage Haulers Replace Diesel With Natural Gas

    August 7, 2012 By Cassandra Profita OREGON PUBLIC BROADCASTING

    ...Last week, Waste Management of Oregon started up a $2 million compressed natural gas fueling station in North October, the company will have 22 “clean air” CNG trucks serving the Portland area.

    Meanwhile, Gresham Sanitary is adding a second CNG truck to its garbage fleet. So is Heiberg Garbage and Recycling of Portland.

    All three companies applied for a tax credits from Oregon’s new alternative fuel incentive program

    ...Gresham Sanitary is installing a second CNG fueling station and adding a second CNG truck to its fleet...According to general manager Matt Miller, clean air is very important to his company, but that’s not the main reason for the switch. “The largest consideration is the price difference (compared to clean diesel),” he said.

    Another consideration: The city of Portland’s requirements for replacing old garbage trucks. “CNG keeps us (air quality) compliant,” Miller said.

    ...Miller said buying a new CNG truck can be quite spendy – they’re close to $300,000 apiece. But his company decided that would be better than investing in a diesel truck that meets new standards but doesn’t run very well.

    ...The same is true for Heiberg Garbage and Recycling. “Our trucks go house to house to house, stopping every 50 feet,” said co-owner Bruce Heiberg. “We’ve had quite a bit of problems with clean diesel. They’re not designed to work in that environment. They’re designed to be going 50 miles an hour.”

    Heiberg’s company opened its own small CNG fueling station in February and is now adding a second CNG garbage truck to its fleet of 20 trucks. Heiberg’s CNG pumping station cost $58,000 to build, but it gives the company the ability to buy fuel at nearly half price...

    “We’re excited about it – a little anxious,” he said. “It’s cheaper than diesel if you don’t count the start-up cost of building your station. And we think this is the future of garbage and recycling in Oregon.”

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    Update on Oregon CNG waste disposal truck fleets

    San Jose CA is getting 30 CNG refuse trucks and its diesel trucks are coming to Salem, Oregon. This, according to a driver of the waste disposal company (not Waste Management) I talked with on his route in Salem today. He said his company will not be getting CNG trucks as its old trucks are retired because of the supply of diesels coming in from out-of-state.

    Naturally, I sent a word of thanks to the Oregon PUC who, later this week, has invited me by to hear why the gas utilities have still not applied for a tariff to sell CNG from their 8 stations across the state. One utility has published it's intent to sell CNG to the public and I offered to be the applicant to ask the commission for a tariff because I have been told by a utility they can't fuel a private car because they don't have a tariff from the state.

    From the private sector, there is great news. A Corvallis disposal company is having a CNG time-fill station put in this year. And a disposal company in Portland is expanding from a very small system to the vocationalenergy dot com "roll-off" 8 hose time fill station this spring. Not only does that station supplier have the mobile unit to begin supplying the fuel while they build the fixed station (great business model!) But, from their website it appeared that they had been doing all of their work in the Southeast -- yet they now have a representative in Portland.

    Rogue Valley Transit dedicated their new $1.5M bus CNG station last December. In a few weeks, the former dual compressor station from RVTD, provided at no charge, will be on the ground in Lebanon (near Albany). An expert, who put in the fantastic station at Palmdale Honda, will be "hooking it up" (it last ran in July). The property is being provided at no charge by Linn-Benton college as a part of their Advanced Transportation Technology Center. This location is slightly closer to Medford than to Auburn, WA due to the extra fuel needed for the seven mountains north of Medford. But any driver -- with the possible exception of the GreenAcrossAmerica driver who clocked 70mph across Colorado -- will be able cross Oregon on Interstate 5. Which is the least that the State of Oregon should be helping with.


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      Republic Services puts 14 CNG trucks into operation in Corvallis

      The facility boasts 18 time-fill posts and large compressor having a single storage tube. The trucks having the AGILITY fuel system cost $350K each, about 15-20% more than the cost of a diesel truck. They use 4.8 ga/hr versus 4 ga/hr for the diesel trucks. The CNG fuel works out to half the cost of diesel. The $5.5M program was completed by Clean Energy Fuels Jan 3 2014 and the City of Corvallis Mayor and staff were invited to a ribbon cutting Feb 10. A truck that can fuel a rig away from the yard was also provided. No public fueling is offered. It is located at 110 Walnut St, Corvallis, OR.


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        CNG trucks the preferred choice for independent recycling companies in Bay Area

        Tri-CED has been fueling at public CNG stations in the East Bay for over 5 years. Tri-CED employs hard to employ youth and needy adults, and shares residual proceeds with the community.

        NGTNews – Tuesday, November 12, 2013
        GreenTeam of San Jose, a refuse and recycling company that operates in the San Francisco Bay Area, has opened a new compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station that was designed and built by Trillium CNG.

        GreenTeam built their own station even though they are a mile from the Trillium CNG station at San Jose Airport.


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          Republic Services added 16 CNG refuse trucks to its growing fleet in Oregon. Private fueling with 30 time-fill hookups was installed by CLEAN ENERGY at Republics 10295 SW Ridder Rd yard in Wilsonville which also has their maintenance facility with recent upgrades to allow working with CNG. The Ribbon Cutting was RSVP to City and Chamber of Commerce members 10:30 am - 2 pm 15 April 2016.

          An outstanding example of the 8 month prices of engineering and permitting the CNG station may be found here:

          Other press releases for the Wilsonville station:

          Additionally, Republic Services now has a total of 123 CNG refuse trucks operating in Contra Costa County in California. Nationwide, Republic Services operates a fleet of approximately 2,500 CNG vehicles and 38 natural gas fueling stations. Republics CNG-powered fleet helps to save roughly 18 million gallons of diesel fuel annually.



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            As of end of 2016, Republic Services is now operating 40-50 per cent of its fleet on CNG. It has 38 CNG stations and 800 heavy-duty CNG trucks using an RNG version of the fuel sourced from among its 70 landfill sites.

            At the close of 2016, 5000 of the 18,500 refuse trucks operated by Waste Management are CNG fueled, 36 per cent of which run on CNG from landfill - biomethane. It began operating CNG trucks in the 1990s and CNG trucks now make up 90 per cent of new purchases for the company. The Altamont landfill produces 13,000 dge of LNG daily. 100 per cent of its fleet in California uses biomethane (RNG). It has two other RNG production sites at Milam Landfill in Illinois and American Landfill in Ohio.



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              Waste Management in Chico is located a block from the PG&E CNG station and has been fueling refuse trucks at PG&E for over five years. They are having CLEAN ENERGY put in a time-fill CNG system for their fleet at the WM yard at 2569 Scott Ave, Chico, CA.


              See pages 45-46, 58-59

              The Waste Management Chico fleet is made up of Class 7 trucks with ASL refuse bodies and powered by Cummins ISLG CNG engines that generate 320 horsepower. The hauler operated 14 trucks, including the six CNG trucks when they began to transition to CNG in 2014. Waste Management trucks have been fueling a block away at the PG&E utility public fast-fill CNG station which is also used by the transit buses in Chico:


              CNG_Chico_WM_2017.jpg CNG_chico_day.JPG CNG_Chico_bustrashcar.JPG