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  • cng in LV, NV

    Hi, As of June 09 all public CNG stations in Las Vegas Nevada, are Clear Energy 24 hours and credit card accessable, none Haycock, as a matter of fact Haycock has discontinued my card. Some more are being planned but here are the pump locations.
    -from Reno off of US 95, north west part of town, Cheyene exit, Romenus, west of 95, City of Las Vegas serivice area (also Hydrogen)
    -from Phoenix off of US 95/93, south east part of town, Sunset exit, Sunset Rd., east of 95/93, Sinclair truck filling station
    -from LA off of I15 (south of US95), downtown, Charleston west exit, turn left at Grand Central Pkwy. look for sandstone pyramid, Clark County complex employee parking area, furthist south and east part of parking by RR tracks
    -from LA off of I15 (north of US95), downtown, "D" and Washington east exit, at the end of a hundred foot long "A" st., as of June 09 this exit may not be available for awhile due to US95/I15 construction.
    -from Salt Lake off of I15 ,Cheyene exit west 1 block turn right, north towards McDonalds, on left side of street, Sinclair truck filling station.
    no pumps exist in the southwest part of town right now.
    all are modern Clear Energy pumps, all have 3000/3600, prices just jumped from $1.79 to $1.99, regular is about $2.75 and rising.
    no others exist for public access. I hope this helps. tom, lvcng

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    Re: cng in LV, NV

    Thanks for the update.


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      Re: cng in LV, NV

      My wife will be driving down to Vegas without me and she freaks when she cannot find a station. CAn you give me any details about where to find the pumps if they are not obvious at the Romenus and Cheyenne pumps?


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        Re: cng in LV, NV

        I've never used the Romenus pumps, but the Cheyenne ones are very easy to find.

        Get off the I-15 Cheyenne exit.
        Turn west onto Cheyenne.
        Take your first right onto Losee.
        Pass McDonalds on the left.
        The pumps are just about a block past McDonalds, again on the left side of the road. They are easily visible from the road.

        If you zoom in really close on the map, the marker is actually just north east of the actual pumps.

        I made a screen shot to make it easier. It's kind of large, but you get the idea.


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          Re: cng in LV, NV

          I think CNGPrices can update the location to be exact GPS coordinates for stations like this.
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            Re: cng in LV, NV

            It seems like they could, but I've made several requests over the past year or two, and I've never seen a location updated to the coordinates I've sent them.

            Isn't the cngprices admin on here? I can't remember his screen name.


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              Re: cng in LV, NV

              I'm a volunteer moderator, send me the coordinates and we will get the map updated


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                Re: cng in LV, NV

                Ronemus is easy to find. Exit I-95 on W. Cheyenne, go about 1/2 mi. west and turn left on Ronemus (I seem to recall some sign for a dog park). Just don't use Citibank credit cards... see my road trip at

                Grand Central Pkwy (across from the World Market Center & outlet stores) is currently listed as non-op on, but A Street is real close. There was a lot of construction in the area when I was there last (W. Washington Ave exit off the I-15 was closed). It helps to be flexible and adventurous, plus a GPS and hardcopy map of Vegas helps.
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