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Vegas Clean Energy taking Visa / MC now

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  • Vegas Clean Energy taking Visa / MC now

    I was in Las Vegas this past weekend with my 2006 Civic GX, and went to the Washington / A Street CNG station on Sunday with my Haycock card to fill up. Was surprised to find new Clean Energy pumps there instead of the old pumps. The new pumps didn't take my Haycock card, but they took my Visa card with no problem. Price was $1.49 a gallon. The pumps said they offered both 3000 and 3600 psi, but I don't think they have done anything to the compressors as I only got a 79% fill from the pump on the 3600 side. I thought that might be enough to get me back to Barstow or Victorville instead of topping off at Ronemus Drive with the Haycock card.

    So I drove back towards LA and it did give me enough CNG that I had 3 lighted bars left when I pulled into the Barstow CNG pump (I guess I could have made it to Victorville but that might have been pushing it -- I am glad there wasn't heavy traffic on I-15 to destroy my fuel economy!)

    When I got to the Barstow station, there was obviously something wrong as I only got 1.9 gallons of CNG before the pump quit on me. So I ended up needing to top off again in Victorville anyway.

    ps... it is my understanding that in addition to the station at Washington / A Street, the station off Losee Rd is now also Clean Energy and taking regular credit cards. However, the other Vegas stations are still with Haycock and you need their card to fill up at those.