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Help in Colorado with cng access

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  • Help in Colorado with cng access

    Hello. I am new to the Denver area as well as my cng truck. I haven't yet been able to fill up with cng because everywhere I go requires a cng key access card. As I am new I have no idra how to go about getting this card. Can someone please advise me on this and or point me to a place that does not require key card access? I work in Denver close to Arvada and live in Centennial.

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    Go to , find the stations you want to access. cngprices will list the contact and payment info for each station.


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      As a result of losing my credit card on a July 4 2016 drive through Denver (The soccer match that weekend ended 0-0, but fireworks were great as I waited to get card in mail after holiday), I practiced fueling at every CNG station in the region with my debit card. Any station that accepts debit likely takes credit card too. Here is the list - stations closest to Arvada shown first. (V) means debit card did not work but credit did. DENver airport still refused bank cards. Stations marked (X) are not worth using anyway as there are closer alternatives:

      (D) SINCLAIR 6185 Broadway Denver

      (?) SAPP 7120 E 49th Ave Denver (*)(SAPP in Lincoln NE takes debit)

      (D) QUESTAR 10405 E 40th Ave Denver (+) - great station, would be worth learning how to use

      (D) GAIN 19401 E 32nd Pkwy Aurora

      (X) CLEAN ENERGY 2990 W Baseline Rd Boulder (CE card only) 3000psi

      (X) CLEAN ENERGY AIRPORT 24000 E 78th Avenue Denver (CE card only)

      (X) CITY OF LONGMONT 1100 S Sherman St Longmont (ProKee only)

      (D) SKYBLU 11099 Interstate 25 Frontage Road Firestone

      (D) WARD 7984 US Highway 85 Fort Lupton

      (D) WARD 14827 Weld County Road 42 Gilcrest

      (D) WARD 2323 117th Ave Greeley

      (V) MANSFIELD 1607 2nd Ave Greeley (no debit)

      (D) WARD 107 Hill St Kersey

      (D) SPARQ 250 East Collins Street Eaton

      (*)When you use your credit card for the first time the pump will tell you, See Cashier. The cashier will do a one-time authorization you to use your credit card, after that the card will work at the pump
      (+)Because station is unattended, Denver Fire Marshall requires customer call 801-324-5687 to get code to have gate open. Enter off of 40th and exit onto Havana

      Best I could determine, there is no application available for getting a ProKee - must be for City of Longmont vehicles travel to other cities. The key is shown in this link:



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        Great information 300 Mile. I'm moving this to the Colorado forum for better visibility and making it a "sticky" thread at the top of the forum listings.