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Clean Energy closes Denver area CNG stations (and fuel card accounts in some cases!)

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  • Clean Energy closes Denver area CNG stations (and fuel card accounts in some cases!)

    While six stations have been taken out of service, over a dozen more were built, beginning in 2007, and are still in business. If not having a Natural Fuels card is an obstacle, the SkyBlu station in Firestone 30 miles north of downtown Denver takes bank cards and there may be others. Here are postings on from the six Non-operational stations in the Denver area:

    2013-01-28 Station is closed and out of service.
    2012-11-09 There is a notice on the pump that this location will be CLOSING PERMANENTLY ON 1/1/13. Valero, (owner of the gas station,) is making changes. The CNG pumps are being removed.
    2012-11-09 CLEAN ENERGY DOES IT AGAIN!! There is a sign taped to the pumps announcing that "this station will be closing January 1, 2013 due to the Valero expansion"...... ANOTHER STATION BITES THE DUST! They suggest that you fill up at the 5901 Sheridan location next to the Xcel Energy Maintenance Facility.
    2012-09-24 BEWARE! Clean Energy can turn your Colorado card off at any time for no apparent reason and without contacting you. They did this to me sometime between 8/28 and 9/22. I wanted to fill my tank at one of their stations on Saturday 9/22 and the pump stated I had exceeded my department credit limit. I hadn't, and they have no idea why this happened. They are closed on weekends and there is no customer service; even for emergencies. Plan accordingly.

    2012-04-13 (station torn down-2011)

    2012-06-01 called asking about the station today...Station no longer exists.

    2011-09-07 This station was marked non-operational

    2011-04-27 This station in closed

    2014-01-07 Station is up and running
    2013-11-04 This station was marked non-operational by anonymous (This station should be removed from the map. Clean Energy closed this station permanently on October 15, 2013. This and other station closings in central CO by Clean Energy have prompted companies that lease CNG vehicles to ask their lease company to cancel their contracts.
    2013-10-28 Station is back up and running as of 10/25
    2013-09-28 Station closing October 15th 2013. Sign posted to pump confirmed September 20th.

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    Amanda Fava for NGTNews Sept 4, 2013 - Denver Says ‘No’ To Natural Gas Buses: Why?

    The fuel savings that fleets can reap from switching to CNG are well-documented and often profound. This summer alone (2013), a number of public transit fleets announced large deployments of CNG-powered buses, with Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, the Utah Transit Authority and Miami-Dade Transit among them.

    In Denver, proposals for CNG buses came from two OEMs – New Flyer Industries Inc. and NABI. The price disparity between diesel- and CNG-powered vehicles was not otherworldly: an 8.5 percent incremental cost over diesel for NABI’s natural gas bus, and a 9.7 percent premium for New Flyer’s CNG-powered unit.

    Considering transit buses’ high fuel consumption, and that most organizations that are running natural gas buses realize a fuel-cost savings of 50 percent or more over diesel, it would seem like CNG had a solid chance of being the next fuel of choice in Denver.

    It was not to be. In late August 2013 , RTD’s board of directors voted unanimously to accept a proposal from New Flyer for 52 diesel-powered 60-footers.

    Clean Energy Fuels worked with RTD to arrive at estimates for how much it would cost to build adequate CNG refueling capacity and infrastructure at two RTD sites. The initial figure was $3.54 million per location.

    But in RTD’s case, the real death knell for CNG was the projected cost associated with upgrading those two facilities to accommodate natural gas buses. Dean Shaklee, RTD’s general superintendent of maintenance for bus operations, told NGT News that the cost of modifying the agency’s all-indoor sites (Platte and East Metro) would require an $8.8 million investment in the Platte facility and $12.3 million at East Metro.

    Above story was found after learning that the operator of the Crater Lake National Park CNG Trolleys acquired type 4 bus tanks from CNG buses auctioned off by the Denver transit agency (for next to nothing.)


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      Denver International Airport (DEN) maintains 293 alternatively fueled vehicles, including 172 buses, sweepers, and other CNG vehicles, and 121 electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Alternative vehicles make up 51 percent of the airport’s light duty fleet.