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Heading out to Palm Springs

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  • Heading out to Palm Springs

    Besides the Trip planner on CNG Prices, can anyone recommend the best stations to fill up from Orange county to Palm Springs. Which one's have the most reliable, best fill rates and best hours of operation.

    I'll be spending the weekend there, I don't get to get out there much and I'm unfamiliar with the area. I hope I can get a round or 2 of golf while I'm there. Oh and any great places to eat?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Heading out to Palm Springs

    Sun Line is easy to get at from the freeway (take Bob Hope off, make a left at the top of the ramp,, go to the ARCO station make another left, look to the right at about one o'clock and you see the bigh LNG tank) they are on Harry Oliver trail.

    There are several in the area, one at the airport, etc

    Have fun

    Sorry, Sun Line took down the LNG tank. and it is a right a In and out burgers and go about 3/4 of a mile and make the left on Harry Oliver trail. Got my off ramps crossed up, haven't been down there in about 8 month unitl yesterday

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      Re: Heading out to Palm Springs

      One word -- Riverside.
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        Re: Heading out to Palm Springs

        I second the Riverside comment. It's only 80 miles from Riverside to La Quinta. Fill up at the City yard off of SR-91 and you're good to go for the round trip.

        If you're planning to do some driving around the desert the stations in & around Palm Springs have been reliable for me.



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          Re: Heading out to Palm Springs

          Another vote for Riverside. As for filling while out there if needed, they are all about the same.
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            Re: Heading out to Palm Springs

            Hey thanks everyone, now off to Palm Springs just in time for the hot 100┬░weather again