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  • Hemet RTA (Riverside Transit)

    Hemet RTA facility has been my reliable fuel station for 3 years. Tonight it was down, and very disappointing that the phone number on the pump got me nowhere, when I have had good luck in the past. The number on CNGPRICES is different (posted by me a long time ago) got me an answering machine, which I am not sure helped. I will figure this out in the next few days. The card reader was working properly but either pump would not activate. I even tried a number on the front door of the facility, and got a person on the phone that would not help me, saying they were a bus company, had no clue about my situation and would not let me speak to a supervisor cuz there was none present. Here are the numbers, I will update them as I figure this out.
    Riverside Transit
    700 Scaramella Circle Hemet, CA 92543
    Number on pump: 951-565-5036
    CNGPRICES number 951-565-5182
    RTA Services number 951-565-5000
    BLUE 09 GX

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    Re: Hemet RTA (Riverside Transit)

    I got a 2,000 psi fill today, not sure why the pumps were down, maybe the 100+ temps? I did ask an employee for a phone # because of the recent communication breakdown, and she said ask for maintenence.
    Price is up 4 cents to 1.854
    BLUE 09 GX