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Colton USD Buses Run on CNG

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  • Colton USD Buses Run on CNG

    SB Sun article:

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    Re: Colton USD Buses Run on CNG

    Looks like quite a succes story for them.


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      Re: Colton USD Buses Run on CNG

      Good for them. Unfortunately it doesn't fair so well in the north. I visited with a school district fleet manager recently in WI that has been operating CNG busses for 20 years. Up here the salt on the roads in winter eat out the bodies. They used to cut the body off and drive the chassis to AL and have a new body put on. Then the body and chassis companies merged and won't sell but the whole bus now. They have looked into replacement engines, conversions and new busses and the $ are not affordable for the number of miles driven. (And the new head of the school district isn't very enlightened.) They are now replacing the CNG fleet with diesels.

      Maybe after the kids start choking on the diesel it will all flip again.