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Home CNG costs in SoCal

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  • Home CNG costs in SoCal


    I own a 2006 Honda Civic GX...anyone have figure on how much the cost is to fill at home with Phil or other appliance...just want a ballpark GGE price if anyone has a Phil unit or something equivalent...I live in san diego and GGE is about 2.80

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    Re: Home CNG costs in SoCal

    The gas is easy to figure -- it's about $1.25/GGE. It's the cost of the Phill that's a crapshoot. Depending on your luck it could be anywhere between $0.50 and $3/gge for the Phill. ($1600 for a changeout, per gallon depends on how many gallons you actually get out of it).
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      Re: Home CNG costs in SoCal

      How much does the PHILL unit cost ( install + hardware)? Has anybody had it installed in their home?

      Also what is the Cost for people in SDG&E territory? What is the GGE price doing it in home then getting filled up at like Pearson Fuels (price is about $3.29 GGE there )


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        Re: Home CNG costs in SoCal

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