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  • Barstow troubles

    You may not be able to fill in Barstow if you have never filled in California before. The California pumps are networked and remember credit card information and issue the user a PIN for future fill-ups. So, in theory, the next pump you would visit will know who you are and that you know how to use the pump. Unfortunately, if you are heading south and this is your first time filling in California, be aware that the Barstow pumps have recently had the following problems:
    a) the new user video does not play, so you can not get to the point where you are allowed to pump, and
    b) the pumps have trouble connecting to the user database to authenticate the PIN

    If you are coming from Vegas be sure to get a good 3600 psi fill in case you must continue on to Victorville! The 3600 pump in Vegas is at the City of Las Vegas NW Service Center. Take the Cheyenne Ave. exit, head west, and you will see a turn-in lane to Ronemus Drive just before the traffic light at Buffalo Drive. Head all the way into this short road and you will find the pumps on the left.

    Fortunately, the good folks at the City of Barstow realize that their pumps are a vital link in the fueling chain, so the following can be of assistance:
    a) drivers of city vehicles can sometimes take cash from you and let you fill with their CleanEnergy card.
    b) you can call the guys who manage this station to come bail you out:
    Tom at 310-256-0311 or Bob Cooper at 760-255-5159

    Another important tip regarding Barstow: If you are coming from the north, do not be confused with the "Old Highway 58" exit which is on the north side of town. You want keep going to the real-deal Highway 58 / Bakersfield exit which is near mile marker 179. Take the clover-leaf onto the 58 freeway, and then the first exit to Main Street. There are CNG/LPG signs directing you to the nearby filling station. Look for a tall white tank.