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GNG in San Juan Capistrano just removed 3000psi option

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  • GNG in San Juan Capistrano just removed 3000psi option

    Which really sucks for me. My whole family drives CNG cars now and my son who is in High School has my downstreamed 2000 Crown Vic which is an extended range 3000psi car. He mostly drives from home to school and the Arco down in SJC was pretty convenient. Now he will have to go to Irvine to fill up, which is pretty far out of his way.

    What makes no sense is that the GNG guy I talked to said that all the buses and fleets were complaining that they had to wait for the 3600 side, but I really dont think people get that it doesnt matter. In the morning when all the buses and taxis are stacked up that station has such a small capacity that you would be lucky if either side was getting close to 3000, yet they all want to wait for that magic side that says 3600 on it even though both sides are pumping 2500-2800...

    If there are others out there with 3000psi vehicles (my tanks are marked 2014 so this car has 3 years of good life left in it) that like the location of the Arco off Avery please contact GNG and ask them to bring the 3000psi option back. If every station starts this policy and takes away the 3000 option you know that some people are going to start putting P36 nozzles on these cars and that is just not a good idea at all.
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    Re: GNG in San Juan Capistrano just removed 3000psi option

    You are correct that it is very rare to get over 3000 psi unless it is very early morning at this facility. They have indicated that they are increasing capacity because they have so much business due to thier reasonable price. The Shell station one exit south has been trying to get permits for CNG for quite some time. Maybe they will have a 3000 psi pump if they ever get approved. Avery station told me it took them 5 years to get theirs going.