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  • SoCal to Vegas help!

    Hey guys,

    I'm going to be traveling to Vegas from 91702 area code and I need some confirmation on the gas stations. It'll be a 245 mile drive and I'm positive I can travel all the way w/o stopping but I will stop at various stations just to be on the safe side

    -I will have full tank of gas when I leave home.
    -Fill up at Victorville
    -Fill up at Barstow
    -Arrive at Vegas and fill up there

    Is this the best way to do it? Also, we don't need any special access cards on these stations do we?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Re: SoCal to Vegas help!

    The Victorville "D" St. station is not far off the freeway and pretty reliable. may have reported the video training there gives out a bogus "00" code but I have not had trouble. Barstow has always worked for me, but a couple of things to remember about this station:

    1. The video training is not reliable so make sure you have your two digit code associated with your credit card in advance (i.e. use a Clean Energy station somewhere in the LA area first and write down the code).

    2. Speaking of codes, 12345 opens the bathroom

    Barstow is an L/CNG station so you will get a really cold charge of fuel in the tank... it's interesting to see how on a GX the bars hardly drop much for the first little while as you drive away as the fuel heats up.

    No special cards in Vegas anymore, all Visa/MC. Again, you need your two digit code although the video instruction is more reliable there than at Barstow.

    Check before you go to see what others are experiencing, and leave comments to alert the next traveler if necessary.


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      Re: SoCal to Vegas help!

      I have never done it, but the reports of Barstow used to be that it wasn't a good fill, and if I had tried it I would have topped-off in Victorville and gone straight to Vegas.
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        Re: SoCal to Vegas help!

        I've done the trip 3 times from Irvine, CA and no problem. I get there on 2 fills - home and Victorville, D St (cheaper than Barstow). My GX rolls into Vegas with 5 to 7 bars (of 20) left.

        On the way back, we fill in Barstow 'cuz we're down to 1 to 2 bars (don't know if that's due to my spouse's driving and/or difference in elevation changes). It's ~30 miles more to Victorville, and we could probably make it, but it's not worth the risk.

        See my Aug road trip at

        Have fun in Vegas... lots of good deals now!
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