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  • Long beach LNG terminal

    Out on a scooter ride with my daughter today we ran the new CE Long Beach harbor LNG Terminal. It has 2 above ground LNG storage tanks 3 CNG cylinders and an above ground diesel tank. On the island I saw LNG diesel dispensers But no sign of any CNG dispensers at this time. The last time I talked to Jim Hargner he told me there will be CNG at this, the first of two port stations. Jennifer of Trillium also told me they have a station in the port in the works.
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    Re: Long beach LNG terminal


    Cal Macy at LBCC developed the training cirruculum for the project. He might have some inside information.




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      Re: Long beach LNG terminal

      p.s. those look like 3 ASME CNG vessels in the second picture...oh, Cal has a scooter too.


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        LNG stations on ANGH adding CNG

        CNG dispensers were activated Jan 2011 for this CLEAN ENERGY LNG station built in 2009 at the Port of Long Beach. Their Las Vegas LNG station has the concrete pads in place to add CNG.

        For anyone visiting the Long Beach station, the three ASME CNG storage tubes are visible. But you won't find any compressor because a couple (two for redundancy?) of blue motors, the size of ice chests, are used to pump the LNG through the elaborate tubing configuration to produce the CNG simply from warming the cryogenic LNG.

        And, yes, the hard working attendant performing the truck LNG fills adds a nice touch. Actually, he knows to use the grounding connection; engage the two handle nozzle:

        ...and also attaches a CNG style hose to the LNG truck tank if pressure needs to be bled off to allow the LNG to flow in for a full fill. This is necessary if a partially full LNG tank has been allowed to stand for days allowing it to heat up. Truck drivers can use a face shield and furnace gloves to perform their own fueling if they have completed training.

        With the American Natural Gas Highway (ANGH) build out, it would appear that any station can be upgraded to provide CNG once the accelerated construction schedule allows.


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          232 LNG trucks at Port Long Beach since 2008

          Search of the forum did not turn up any mention of the Port of Long Beach LNG fleet. Since this LNG station eventually added CNG dispensers several years after opening, I find the scale of operations found here to be useful to keep in mind for other areas of the country now getting LNG stations. While trying to find the station last month, my GARMIN was displaying 40-50 CNG stations within an hour's drive. Once there, I saw the Freightliners and Sterlings coming and going as if there was nothing to it. So, sit back and contemplate where SoCal was four years ago with the following press release:

          Freightliner delivers 132 LNG trucks to Port of Long Beach
          December 11, 2008 *| by: SD Staff

          Daimler Trucks North America recently held events celebrating delivery of 132 new natural gas (NG)-fueled tractors to drivers who contract with California Cartage Company and 100 new NG trucks for the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles’ Clean Truck Program...These ultra-clean LNG trucks will provide extremely important air quality benefits to those that live close to the ports and throughout our entire region.”

          In addition to the 132 vehicles delivered to California Cartage, the 100 NG vehicles earmarked for deployment by licensed motor carriers and owner operators doing business with the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles will help meet the objectives of the Ports’ Clean Truck Program...

          California Cartage’s new low-emission natural gas fleet is the result of plans developed by California Cartage Company working in cooperation with the EPA, CARB and the SCAQMD to remove older, pollution-creating trucks from the harbors. The initiative was developed to make the trucks more affordable for the benefit of owner operators working with California Cartage. The trucks, Sterling Set-Back 113s, are factory-built to be fueled with natural gas. Ideal for port operations as well as natural gas utilities and municipalities, the new NG trucks are powered by the Cummins Westport ISL G engines.

          ...“By introducing the Set-Back 113 with natural gas, we’re giving our customers a hard-working truck that reduces both costs and environmental emissions,” said Chris Patterson, President and CEO of Daimler Trucks North America. “Through the development of this new truck, as well as all the others on exhibit today, we are helping to shape the future of clean technology. And with an expanded line of Class 3-8 vehicles, including new Freightliner Business Class M2s with natural gas that will soon be made available, as well as Freightliner diesel hybrids, other M2s, FLDs, new severe duty trucks and, coming soon for 2010, new models with Detroit Diesel’s BlueTec SCR emissions control technology, our customers can spec a truck to meet all their applications.”

          The Cummins Westport ISL G, an 8.9 liter stoichiometric cooled-exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) engine, offers the lowest emissions available in the industry without sacrificing top-level performance and efficiency. Available in ratings up to 320 hp, the ISL G already meets EPA 2010 standards with 85 percent lower NOx emissions than the C Gas Plus engine and features the highest power-to-weight ratio in class with an optimized turbocharger. The ISL G also features a maintenance-free exhaust system with a three-way catalyst (TWC). No further technology or after treatment will be required to meet 2010 emissions standards.

          “Our tests show this new natural gas technology can save thousands in annual fuel and operating costs per truck,” said Robert Curry, President of California Cartage Company. “That will help owner operators and cartage companies save thousands per year in addition to the health benefits of cleaner air and reduced emissions. Our drivers will benefit from federal tax credits for alternative fuel vehicles and alternative fuel incentives, too, which mean that accessibility to NG fuel is on the rise.

          “We are also proud to be on the cutting edge of creating a cleaner environment for our community,” Curry added. “By replacing 132 old diesel trucks, we will take tons of diesel particulate matter and tons of carbon out of the air over the life of this project (eight years).” According to California Cartage, the new trucks have been assigned to individual small fleets and owner operators.


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            August 31, 2017 TruckingInfo Mag - Long Beach CA switches to Renewable Natural Gas: City of Long Beach began dispensing RNG at its new CNG station in August. The time-fill fueling station, built and maintained by TruStar Energy, opened in May and is being used for 36 refuse trucks and 6 sweepers. The goal is to replace all 98 refuse trucks and sweepers with CNG vehicles as the older units are cycled out. This is estimated to take up to three years, said Oliver Cruz, fuel operations program manager.

            Since 2015, the city has been using renewable fuels for its fleet, such as renewable diesel and renewable LNG (photos are Waste Mgmt LNG trucks in San Diego). He added that the cost of RNG and CNG to the city are the same due to environmental credits, and RNG costs could decrease once the environmental credits are monetized.


            LNG_sandiego_WM3.JPG LNG_sandiego_WM1.JPG
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              At this time the City of Long Beach is operating both a private attended LNG and time fill CNG station at the Fleet Services / Integrated Recourse yard until all of their street sweepers and refuse trucks are switched over at which time the will cease operating the LNG station. In the mean time City of long Beach Gas & Oil Department will be going out to bid for a new operator for the public CNG station at that yard and at the public station at Magnolia Between Ocean and Broadway. Also Long Beach Transit is operating a buffer fill station in their North Long Beach yard. Republic Services is running a station at their Bell Art Transfer station.


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                Feb 26, 2018 TransportTopics - The Harbor Trucking Association announced Clean Energy Fuels will be the exclusive provider of clean transportation fuels to the group, whose membership includes more than 100 drayage companies operating more than 8,000 trucks in West Coast ports.

                The partnership comes as the industry prepares for the implementation of the newest version of the Clean Air Action Plan adopted by the Port of Los Angeles and the nearby Port of Long Beach, according association based in Long Beach, CA: