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  • parking ticket in LA

    I got a parking ticket today on an LA street with a meter. AHHHHHH! So even though I'm not wrong, I have to go through some paper process.

    Has anyone experienced this? How did you fight it?
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    Re: Parking Ticket in LA

    Here's a link to the City's parking violation contest page:

    You will, however, need to distinguish the reason for your citation. Even if you park for free, you're still subject to the same time limitations as people who have to pay the meters. See this page on the City's web site:

    If you parked for an amount of time longer than the posted limit, you're still on the hook for the ticket.


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      Re: Parking Ticket in LA

      If they cited you for 'expired meter' then you should be able to win if you have the HOV stickers on your car. If it says 'longer than posted limit' then they won't help you.
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        Re: parking ticket in LA

        Thanks for the help. I did not know about the time limit rule, crap...


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          Re: parking ticket in LA

          Los Angeles is proud to announce:

          We are proud to announce these new Department initiatives:

          Free Metered Parking for Alternative Fuel Vehicles Ends 1 March 09

          On February 10th, the LA City Council voted to end a free metered parking program for alternative fuel vehicles begun in 2002. The City has allowed vehicles that displayed a California Clean Air Vehicle Decal from the California DMV, as well as four hybrid vehicles: Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, Toyota Prius and Ford Escape Hybrid, to park free at City operated on and off-street parking meters.

          Effective March 1, alternative fuel vehicles parked at an expired meter will be cited for Failure to Pay for a Parking Meter Space. The fine for this parking violation is $48. Beginning immediately Traffic Officers will provide ‘warning notices’ to these vehicles parked at City meters to remind vehicle operators of this change.

          Do you think it includes CNG cars?


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            Re: parking ticket in LA

            Yes, it likely applies to CNG and any other alt-fuel vehicle.

            Lovely, what a thoughtful gift from LA City.


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              Re: parking ticket in LA

              It absolutely includes CNG vehicles. I wrote a short piece that was emailed to LA City Council folks by another individual involved with EV's requesting that this priveledge be re-instated for CLEAN FUEL VEHICLES.
              I am also involved with the EV community.

              Here is what I wrote:

              "If there is any effort to keep free City parking in the works, I would
              suggest that efforts be made to MAINTAIN it for CLEAN FUEL VEHICLES
              displaying a WHITE HOV lane sticker. Yes, this includes CNG vehicles, which
              are CLEAN FUEL vehicles like EV's. There is a reason that non CFV's, ie
              Hybrids get yellow stickers-they aren't clean fuel vehicles and don't
              qualify for the federal ILEV standard. So, IMHO, requiring a WHTE Sticker
              will provide for the intent of the original incentive and make enforcement a
              Please note that as of March 1, 2009, the City of Los Angeles is no longer providing free metered parking to vehicles with white and yellow stickers.



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                Los Angeles parking meters

                3-3-09 in downtown los angeles I was issued a paking citation for parking in a spot that had a meter with out any time left on the ticker. The meter maid said los angeles mayor pulled our courtesy free meter parking and issued me a $49.00 ticket. Anyone else have this problem??? I find it frustrating when they decide to change a agreed upon program.

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                  Re: parking ticket in LA

                  I think the LADOT website said they were going issue warnings for two weeks from March 1st. I spoke to a WLA meter man on or about the last day of the month of Feb. and he was not even aware of the upcoming change.
                  I have had to send letters in the past to correct mistaken tickets and I think you can beat your ticket with an appeal.


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                    Re: parking ticket in LA

                    I think that the change in the City program applies only to a Pilot program for yellow stickers. That is how I read the City Council minutes. I read that the original program, which relates to white stickers, is still in effect. I can't confirm this online. So I was waiting to get a ticket at the place where I usually park for free and then challenge the ticket. However, I have parked there 4-5 days during March and have not received either a ticket or a notice about the change in the law. Just hoping someone might have more time to research this.


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                      Re: parking ticket in LA

                      Gee, I hope you are right, but the LADOT site is pretty specific in stating that we all loose the parking rights.


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                        Re: parking ticket in LA


                        Council Action

                        Recommendations for Council action:
                        1. RECEIVE and FILE the draft Ordinance amending Sections 88.00, 88.07, 88.13, 88.57, and 88.63 of the LAMC to provide for free parking of certain alternative fuel vehicles at parking meters man**ed by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) through January 1, 2011.

                        2. TERMINATE the pilot program effective March 1, 2009.

                        3. INSTRUCT the LADOT to perform outreach to Neighborhood Councils and effected constituency.

                        The free parking looks dead to me. I stopped parking at the $4/hr meters in downtown last month when it went into effect.


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                          Re: parking ticket in LA

                          As I read the (proposed) ordinance it provides for free parking for "vehicles displaying Clean Air Vehicle Decals issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 5205.5."

                          The reference to the termination of the pilot program is somewhat confusing, but based on my reading it seems to refer to the pilot program established that allowed hybrid vehicles to park for free on meters.

                          It seems that on March 28, 2009 the proposed ordinance was adopted - however, on April 1, 2009 there is a notation that it is to be reconsidered and the motion was referred back to the transportation committee. Isn't government a wonderful thing?

                          I am no expert when it comes to the Los Angeles Municipal Code, so please consider that before agreeing (or disagreeing) with my interpretation. Nonetheless, I would say that it seems pretty clear that the intention is to continue to provide free parking for Alternate Fuel Vehicles until January 1, 2011. We shall have to see what the outcome of the transportation committee report is though.

                          I having been driving a CNG Crown Vic for many years and have had (and beaten) my fair share of parking tickets in LA. I got a ticket yesterday, and was informed by the wonderful gentleman issuing the ticket that the free parking for CNGs had been repealed as of April 1.

                          I would say that Mr. Meter-maid was greatly misinformed. I read the ordinance to say that the pilot program for hybrids was terminated, but that for the moment the program is still in place for AFVs such as CNG.

                          I would be interested to get other views on this issue.
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                            Re: parking ticket in LA

                            No tickets yet and I have been deliberately parking at the LA meters without putting coins in.