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Clean Energy $1.649 Dec 2008 So Cal.

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  • Clean Energy $1.649 Dec 2008 So Cal.

    Clean Energy Fuels is now at $1.649/gge in So Cal for Dec 2008.
    Quite a surprise, and a welcome one.

    Does anyone know if this is to test the price/demand curve or are they
    going to try and foster more use?

    At this price, I'm going to use their facillities when convenient, and save the
    hours on my Phill.


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    Re: Clean Energy $1.649 Dec 2008 So Cal.

    I personally think this is just following their normal stated philosophy that they try to keep CNG cheaper than gasoline, otherwise they'll lose some fleet users (who get an additional discount, I'm sure). At least out here in OC, you can find regular gasoline for $1.75 or less, so at $1.64 they are not even keeping up with their traditional pitch of "30 cents less than gasoline".

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