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CA -DTLA Trillium by Loves CNG $0.99!!!

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  • CA -DTLA Trillium by Loves CNG $0.99!!!

    Today I discovered my neighborhood station in downtown la end of Chinatown on alameda. Google maps doesn’t have any reviews or mentions anything about a station being here, so I was weary of coming here. Well today was a good CNG day. The pumps were new, functional and best part only $0.99 cents per gge!! It cost $8 to fill my tank! Whoot!
    its listed on SoCalgas website only for some reason...
    address is

    1055 N Alameda street, Los Angeles ca 90012
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    Is this the station next to Philippe's?


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      New station promotion is $0.99 per GGE through the end of August.
      Go Trillium!


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        This use to be a Clean Energy Station.


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          And the LOVES truck stop at 2000 East Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi, CA now has CNG at $2.39



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            Originally posted by cngmike View Post
            Is this the station next to Philippe's?
            Yes by phillipes


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              Melissa Kress for CSNews 10/06/2020 - What's In Store: Love's, Spinx, Thorntons & Wawa

              Trillium opened two CNG locations in California in September 2020.

              "We are seeing strong, rising demand from customers in California for CNG," said JP Fjeld-Hansen, vice president of Trillium. "To meet that demand, we're focused on adding more stations and committed to providing fueling options that will benefit the environment."

              The two newly opened locations are both located at Love's Travel Stops:

              21948 Highway 46, Lost Hills, Calif.
              2000 East Tehachapi Blvd., Tehachapi, Calif.

              The public fast-fill stations have two heavy-duty and two light-duty fueling nozzles, providing infrastructure for multiple vehicle types. The stations offer CNG fueling capabilities to fleet customers fed by renewable natural gas.

              In addition to opening two locations in September, Trillium opened a public CNG station in Los Angeles at the 1055 N. Alameda St. Trillium now owns or operates more than 45 public and private CNG fueling stations in California.