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Harris Ranch; Coalinga station restart?

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  • Harris Ranch; Coalinga station restart?

    This location is currently not operational, a shame since it would be a great refueling location for travel between northern and southern CA. It utilizes I-5 which is a much faster route than CA-99.

    To further this, I called the main number (559/ 884-2477) and asked to speak with a manager, got the Controller of the company. I related to him that the market for CNG has grown over the last years, and reopening their CNG facility would be an advantage to Harris to sell more meals. They are accommodating (they have a light aircraft runway paralleling I-5 that I've used), so are open to suggestions.

    My suggestion to you, if this is of interest, is to call them, ask to speak to a manager (the rank and file employee won't communicate this to upper management) and let them know that they would sell more steaks as well as CNG if they would reopen this CNG location.

    Good Luck, Al
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    Re: Harris Ranch; Coalinga station restart?

    Just sent an email to the CEO at [email protected]
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