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New LNG/CNG Fuelling Station for California

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  • New LNG/CNG Fuelling Station for California

    New LNG/CNG Fuelling Station for California Source: NGV Global Tuesday, 26 May 2009 12:36 USA, Temecula CA
    Downs Energy, a local petroleum distribution and marketing company headquartered in Corona, CA, is to hold an official "Grand Opening Ceremony" of its 24-hour Liquefied/Compressed Natural Gas (L/CNG) fueling station located at 27985 Diaz Road in Temecula, CA on June 11th (10:00 AM). The L/CNG fueling station is part of the Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor (ICTC) development project.


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      Re: New LNG/CNG Fuelling Station for California-Update

      NGVi’s Leo Thomason Consults with Downs Energy
      Michael Downs, President of Downs Energy based in Corona, California, had a problem with his CNG fueling station and called Leo Thomason, Founder and Director of Las Vegas-based Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi), affiliate of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi). Coincidentally, Leo was in the area teaching his CNG Fuel System Inspector Training Course and was able to meet with Mr. Downs within a few days of the request.
      Downs Energy had lost a substantial number of CNG fuel customers because of the very slow fueling and in several cases incomplete fueling experienced by previous customers. Mr. Downs suspected that the fueling equipment was undersized and therefore unable to give rapid or complete fuel fills.
      Along with Tom Mitchell of Mitchell Engineering, an NGVi sponsor, Leo visited the LNG/LCNG fueling station in Temecula, California to evaluate the fueling equipment. They observed the LCNG fueling system in operation and experienced the problems with the valves in the priority fill system that contributed to the slow and incomplete fuel fills. Additionally, they witnessed other operational problems.
      Fortunately, Leo and Tom determined that the equipment was not undersized as Mr. Downs had suspected. However, there was some equipment selection issues that needed further investigation. They delivered this information and more to Downs Energy in a detailed report of their observations and recommendations. Downs Energy is now one step closer to solving its LNG/LCNG fueling issues and growing its customer base.