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New Info On California City, CA Station

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  • New Info On California City, CA Station

    I've been looking into using the CNG fueling station in California City, CA. I finally found out that RSI Petroleum Products in Mojave, CA (866-661-4774) operates and maintains the Cal City station.

    Here's the latest info on the station per Larry Mitchell @ RSI. They sell unleaded, CNG and "red" diesel at the station. Mastercard, VISA and American Express are acceptable forms of payment. The RSI CFN card is the only CFN card accepted there, though.

    There is one 3000 psi pump and one 3600 psi pump for CNG. I was at the station about three weeks ago and the 3600 psi pump hand nozzle problems, so call ahead for prices and availability if you're planning on using the station.

    The station is located at 7800 Moss Ave. in California City, CA. Its location can be found on


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    Re: New Info On California City, CA Station

    According to, this station has been down since November 08, 2008. I don't get out that way often, but it would be nice if anyone knows whether or not this station is back up yet. It is the last place to refuel going north on 395 or 14.


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      Re: New Info On California City, CA Station


      I was there in Nov last year and reported it down, it didn't take Visa or MC. I was stranded out there until Monday when the RSI people rescued me with a new CFN card. You have to apply for it but it definately open up the amount of CNG stations you have when you need them.

      I do not know if it works for MC/Visa yet but the CFN worked there last December,

      Jim Blair
      2004 Honda Civic GX