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Fueling Stations In The Commercial Fueling Network

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  • Fueling Stations In The Commercial Fueling Network

    I applied for and received a Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) card recently. CFN stations sell fuels of all types including CNG/LNG. I looked through the CFN April 2008 directory for stations in California that sell CNG and found four.

    To purchase fuel at a CFN station one will at least need a CFN card. These stations may also be a commercial "gas" station that accept other forms of payment.

    I wasn't able to check all four locations to see if they're on already. I have a dial-up ISP and it takes forever to load all those little Google Map squares.

    Here are the four CNG/LNG stations in California that are part of the CFN network:

    Anaheim Truck Depot
    1231 N. Blue Gum Street

    Fleetstar, Inc.
    1735 S. Turner

    San Diego
    Pearson Fuels/The Soco Group, Inc.
    4067 El Cajon Blvd.

    Fleet Card Fuels
    3989 South "K" St.


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    Re: Fueling Stations In The Commercial Fueling Network

    Pearson and Tulare are both open to the public 24/7 and take major credit cards. Pearson is priced on the high side and Tulare is on the low side. Tulare even has 'CNG' signs on Hwy. 99. There was an article on Pearson (with almost no mention of CNG) in Saturday's LA Times. You can see the CNG hose at the very back of the picture.

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      Re: Fueling Stations In The Commercial Fueling Network

      I've been fueling at the Anaheim Truck Depot twice a week for about a month now. The people there are friendly. Although their prices are somewhere between Trillium and CE--and not as cheap as the Placentia City Yard--the Truck Depot is close to SR-91 and has very good pressure.