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Barstow CA station

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  • Barstow CA station

    Hey, Any news on the Barstow station? I'm headed to Vegas tomorrow and don't want to run out between Ontario and Vegas??? I see from the website it's down. Any new news?
    1998 Honda GX

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    Re: Barstow CA station

    I am planning on going through there Wednesdaay. I sure hope it is working

    There are stations in Victorville. But I don"t know if the civic would make it that far. 190 miles from the last station in Vicotrville to the 1st station in Vegas. And there is that Baker grade


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      You can make it with care

      I've found the trick to making a long haul with my 07 GX is to:

      1. Fill to 3000 psi
      2. Drive a half hour or so to let the tank cool down
      3. Fill to 3600 psi (I can usually jam in another 1 to 2 gge)

      So heading south thru Vegas this would mean filling 3000 psi at Washington & A St. (since Losee no longer dispenses CNG ) then driving to Ronemus for the 3600 fill. From the south this would mean filling in the LA basin somewhere at 3000 psi then driving to Victorville for 3600 psi. Of course, always swing off the freeway at Bastow to see if it is open.