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  • service needed HELP

    I have an old '91 dodge dakota that runs on CNG and I cant find anyone to fix a fuel line leak in san diego.....any ideas PLEASE
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    Re: service needed HELP

    Is the fuel leak petro or CNG?

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      Re: service needed HELP

      cng..between filler and tank at "t" for tank,gauge and filler


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        Re: service needed HELP

        I don't know any in SD but maybe these guys in Long beach can help direct you to one.

        CNG Technicians/Repair Shops

        Alternate Fuel Technologies
        17092 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
        (714) 842-3017


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          Re: service needed HELP

          Try tightening the connectors. You can use gas check fluid from a hardware store to find the leak.(or liquid dish soap). Your nose may suffice. You may want to use two wrenches- one to hold the fitting and the other to turn the nut. A cheap set of fitting wrenches may be useful (looks like a box end wrench with a slot for the fuel line also to be found in a hardware store).

          If you want to depressurize the lines. Do the following:

          Park outside

          Turn off the valves on each CNG cylinder (usually round handles) and the main cutoff valve (usually with a red handled lever)

          run the engine until it stops (or until it auto switches to petrol)

          disconnect the neg terminal of battery.

          loosen a fitting. You will hear a hiss as the pressure in the lines escapes in less than a few seconds.

          re-tighten fittings firmly but don't break them,

          This all assumes you didn't see or find any broken/cracked fittings.