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All-New Bauer CNG equipment now in place at Hearst Castle

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  • All-New Bauer CNG equipment now in place at Hearst Castle

    Hearst Castle, located on the Big Sur coastline in Central California, has all new CNG compression equipment. For the past 12 years the Castle has exclusively utilized CNG busses to take visitors up the mountain to visit the historic Castle. The original Bauer compressors, which have operated 364 days per year for 12 years, had never once failed to fuel the fleet on time but after accumulating over 40,000 hours of operation, the State of California decided that the time was right to replace the original units. Obviously, with that kind of reliability record the decision regarding which compressor to purchase was not difficult. A new Bauer 22.0 duplex compressor system featuring the latest 'Bauer-connect' remote communications system was ordered and has been installed by Revolution CNG of Paso Robles, CA

    Revolution CNG is proud to have provided service, equipment and support to the Hearst Castle operation for the past 10 years. Unfortunately the site does not offer fuel to the public but rather it is dedicated to fueling the tour busses and support vehicles that are part of the reason why this is the only State Park in the California system that operates 'in the black'

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    Congrats on another successful installation!
    I'm going to close this duplicate thread and direct others to chime in over on your Bauer thread here: