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Planned Public Station in Palo Alto

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    Re: Planned Public Station in Palo Alto

    Found it today! It is a nice setup, with one 3000 and one 3600 pump! Think the 3600 one is pretty new addition. $2/gal equivalent. It is inside the employee entrance gate, one driveway north of the main entrance. Card key needed to open the gate and to pump.

    The meter at the pump was quite odd and had no instructions. Took me about 5 minutes to get it to take. Here's what worked:

    1. "Enter pump number: ??????????" --> enter 1 or 2, then press Enter
    2. "Enter vehicle number: ??????????" --> ignore this and scan your card key at this point, TWICE
    3. you can pump

    I was stuck in loop of entering 1 or whatever at step 2, and then it would come back and say "product not found" or something. How nice!

    Going to drop Danitra Bahlman at City of PA a note so hopefully they can debug and/or post some instructions. I was about to give up when I found the magic combo.



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      Re: Planned Public Station in Palo Alto

      Danitra wrote me back, reminding me of the procedure. I've suggested they post the steps on the meter.

      The fueling procedure is the same as the procedure we reviewed at the fuel training...(Both locations require the same info, in the same order)

      1. Enter the pump#, as labeled on the fuel dispenser.
      2. Enter the vehicle#, which is the first five digits on the back of your fuel card.
      3. Scan your fuel card.

      We've set your vehicle number to match the number that is read when you scan your card, this is why you were simply able to scan the card for steps 2 & 3. HOWEVER, the system should not allowing scanning the card at step two, and this is something we are working to correct. Again, it is best to keep the same fueling procedure taught in our training, or noted above.


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        Re: Planned Public Station in Palo Alto

        I had a problem filling the other night. I almost ran out of gas. I went there and somebody left the lever on the start position. I didn't catch it until after. I return the lever to the start position and rescanned my card and then said pump busy. Tried a couple of times after and still said pump busy. []
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          Re: Planned Public Station in Palo Alto

          Danitra told me there is a waiting list to get a gas card for the City of Palo Alto station. Does anyone have any recent experience with this?